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Taking back the Ontario PC leadership for the 2018 provincial election

Patrick Brown is no longer the leader of the Ontario PC Party – and that’s a good thing. But much work must be done with the race for a new PC leader well underway.

CLC is working hard to restore pro-life and pro-family values by using all our resources to support Tanya Granic Allen, a well-known pro-parental-rights activist, in her bid for the leadership of the PC Party.

At the same time, CLC will be supporting numerous Alliance Party of Ontario candidates who are pro-life-and-family.

Even if Tanya wins the PC Leadership, we still need to give strong support to the Alliance Party of Ontario because they will be the only party to field socially conservative candidates in many ridings. Patrick Brown’s rigged nominations, in which he blocked social conservatives from running and “fixed” it for his socially liberal favourites, means that pro-abort PC candidates will still be there competing in the June 2018 election. 

We need volunteers to help the Alliance Party candidates in Misississauga-Streetsville, Cambridge, Scarborough Centre, Carleton, and many other ridings that we’ll announce in the near future.

If you'd like to volunteer to help Alliance Party candidates, please email us here.