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"Liberal ideology" - Ford slams radical sex ed

Thanks to the impact of Tanya Granic Allen's presence in the PC Leadership race, Doug Ford has taken a stronger stand on defending parental rights in education. Watch his press conference, held yesterday at John Bosco Catholic School in Toronto. (Note: if you can't hear the audio, uncheck the speaker icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player).

CLC's only endorsed PC Leadership candidate is Tanya Allen Granic. She announced her intention to seek the leadership of the PC party just 4 days ago.  Already, her powerful presence is influencing the race in a positive direction. It has already moved Doug Ford (and even Christine Elliot) to state publicly that they will review the sex-ed program if elected. Ford has said he'll give parents a voice in its content. 

On February 12th, Doug Ford made his strongest statement yet against Kathleen Wynne's pedophile-influenced sex curriculum.  Watch the video below where Doug Ford hammers the curriculum as "Liberal ideology". He also stands up for parental rights, stating: "Parents should have the first and final say on what they want to teach their kids".

If Tanya's presence has accomplished this after just 4 days, imagine what she can do as leader of the PC Party!  Buy your PC membership now. Join here to become a voting member before the deadline of Friday February 16th by 11:59pm, online. 

Please join the PC Party of Ontario or renew your membership so that you'll be entitled to vote for Tanya Granic Allen.