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Ontario Municipal Elections - October 22, 2018

On October 22nd, Ontarians will vote at the municipal level for local candidates running in towns a cities across the province.

Mayors, City Councillors, School Board Trustees, and Regional Chairs and Councillors will be elected to oversee such vital issues as local Catholic and Public school board policies, municipal infrastructure and financiing, and program funding and delivery. Children, parents, and families all have a great deal at stake in terms of the quality of their lives and their rights, so getting informed on your local candidates and getting out to vote in October is a must-do.

To help you carry out this important civic duty, CLC has created an online look-up tool that will help our supporters identity and compare the various candidates who will be running in the Ontario Municipal elections. 

We're busy identifying pro-life and pro-family candidates to recommend to you, but there will also be pro-abortion and anti-family candidates who want to extend the grip of the culture of sex-and-death into the lives and homes of every family in Ontario. Don't let that happen; get informed and vote!

Below are links to help you compare the candidates who are running in the Ontario Municipal elections.  Please click on the appropriate link to find out about your local candidates. We will be updating these links in the weeks leading up to the October elections, so be sure to visit this website regularly for new information:

English Catholic School Board Trustees

English Public School Board Trustees

French Catholic School Board Trustees

French Public School Board Trustees

City Council

City Mayor

Regional Council

Regional Council Chair

Note: If you have any information on the candidates that might be helpful for CLC to know, please share it with us.

Thanks, and God bless.

The Campiagn Life Elections Team