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ETFO press conference was an “example of the Elites vs. the People”

The results of an Ipsos-Reid poll were released on Sept. 4 which found that a clear majority of Ontarians, 51%, support Premier Doug Ford’s decision to repeal Kathleen Wynne’s age-inappropriate sex curriculum. On the same day, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) held a press conference announcing it submitted a request for judicial review asking a court to block Ford’s repeal of the Wynne sex program. The ETFO said it will also intervene in a complaint to the human rights tribunal, again seeking to block Doug Ford’s sex ed repeal.

“The ETFO’s tone-deafness and belligerence towards ordinary, everyday parents, is an example of precisely why the Ford PC’s won such an overwhelming mandate,” said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “The union bosses seeking to overturn the democratic will of the people through the judicial back door is a prime example of the Elites vs. the People that Ford complained about on the campaign trail. Here are union elites smugly dictating to parents what their children must believe in delicate matters of sexuality and morality, things that fall entirely within the realm of fundament rights of parents.”

“We urge Premier Ford to draw the battle line. Make a public announcement that he won’t allow parental rights to be usurped by union elites, and that if necessary, his government will invoke the Judicial-Activist Override Provision contained in Section 33 of the Charter,” said Jeff Gunnarson, Vice President of CLC.

He continued: “Quebec has invoked Section 33 in the past to ignore court rulings it didn’t agree with. Ford should do the same. Make it clear that if liberal judges are planning to play politics, their meddling will likewise be ignored, so don’t even try.”

Gunnarson added that the Premier ought to implement a past campaign promise from former PC Leadership candidate, MPP Randy Hillier, so as to prevent the misuse of the Ontario Human Rights Commission as a political tool to stop the repeal:

“Premier Ford should abolish the kangaroo court known as the Ontario Human Rights Commission, stacked as it is with radical LGBTTIQ activists, far-left feminists and Marxist ideologues. Hillier had the correct idea then. Doug should cut-off this back-door that leftists are using to subvert democracy, to destroy parental rights and to indoctrinate children with liberal ideology."

"The OHRC ceased long ago being a defender of genuine human rights. It now serves primarily to advance liberal ideology, which in fact, replaces real human rights with fake ones. Let’s abolish it.”