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PCPO Convention Success (Do not use)

Dear Supporter,

We had a very good Saturday at the Ontario PC Party convention today, where social conservatives made it clear that they are a large and important segment of the PC Party's base.

We sent the message to the party that we deserve a seat at the table, and we aren't going away.

As a result of a massive, months long, coordinated effort by Campaign Life Coalition, more than 400 of our supporters became delegates. 

The large numbers of CLC supporters at convention produced amazing results in the voting that took place.

By an overwhelming majority vote, party members passed three policies to reject Kathleen Wynne's radical sex ed curriculum and to affirm parental rights.

Here is the wording of the 3 policies that were passed and which are now official party policy: 


  • Resolution 32/33: The PC Party supports legislation to provide ample notice to all parents as to when sex-ed lessons will be taught, and offer parents an opt-out.



  • Resolution 34: The PC Party respects the inherent authority of parents as the primary educators of children.

  • Resolution 35: The PC Party supports a Parents Bill of Rights

These policies will help us to hold Premier Doug Ford's feet to the fire, to keep his promise to repeal Kathleen Wynne's radical sex ed. 

Some scuttled policies returned

At the start of the meeting, the moderator announced that policies which had been previously rejected by the PC party committee could be resubmitted from the convention floor. 

We worked with a CLC supporter to resubmit previously scuttled policies on defunding sex-selective abortions, repealing the abortion bubble zone censorship law, and repealing gender identity laws which compel Canadians to utter made up personal pronouns.  Unfortunately however, the clock ran out before these could be voted on.

However, our good friend Tanya Granic Allen resubmitted some of her own pro-family policies which had been previously scuttled by the party establishment - and they made it for a vote!

The large contingent of CLC supporter-delegates in the room, of course, voted en masse in favour  of Tanya's pro-family policies.

But the amazing thing is that the rest of the delegates in the convention hall also voted YES almost unanimously!

Here are some of the outstanding pro-family policies that were passed:

  • Be it resolved that an Ontario PC Party recognizes "gender identity theory" for what it is, namely, a highly controversial, unscientific, "liberal ideology"; and, as such, that an Ontario PC Government will remove the teaching and promotion of "gender identity theory" from Ontario schools and its curriculum. 

  • Protecting the conscience rights of doctors, nurses and healthcare institutions.


  • Repealing Kathleen Wynne's sex ed curriculum.


  • Repealing Liberal Bill 89 which gave adoption agencies the power to ban couples who do not believe in gender identity from being able to adopt children.


  • Repealing Bill 28 which deleted the words "mother" and "father" from all government forms, statutes, etc.

To be clear, the "resubmitted", previously scuttled resolutions will not automatically become party policy even though they were passed nearly unanimously. 

The party stated that this approves them for debate at the next policy convention. Nonetheless, these were powerful symbolic victories that will help move the party in a more pro-family direction.

Constitutional Amendments to be voted Sunday

Out of the dozens of constitutional amendments that will be voted on, CLC has asked its many supporter-delegates to vote for the following twelve amendments: