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Rally for Parental Rights - Wed, February 20 - Toronto

Dear supporter,

Please join us for a major rally at the Ontario Legislature, starting at 11:30 am on Wednesday, February 20th.  It's urgent that you try to attend and encourage others do the same.

The radical left has been relentless in attacking Doug Ford's election promise to repeal and replace Kathleen Wynne's age-inappropriate sex curriculum. 

The Premier finds himself beset on ALL sides.

  • The far-left teachers union has filed a lawsuit claiming that it is "unconstitutional" for his government to repeal the previous government's curriculum.
  • Radical LGBTTIQ activists have filed a human rights complaint to try blocking the repeal.
  • The biased mainstream media has published thousands of stories, daily, for months on end, attacking Doug Ford's pledge to repeal, even claiming, absurdly, that repealing Wynne's curriculum will actually "kill" students.
  • His own Education Minister, Lisa Thompson, has even undermined Ford, telling the media that gender identity theory will not be repealed, even before the parental consultation opened.
  • In the court hearing initiated by the teachers union, the lawyers and staff representing Minister Thompson have told judges that teachers are free to teach kids the Wynne/Levin curriculum if they want. Whenever they want.  Talk about undermining the Premier!

All these attacks, both externally and from within, must be making him weary, as it would any person.  Does Ford ever think about giving up, just to stop all the leftist hate and resistance to his agenda?

Don't leave that to chance. Join us February 20th at the rally for parental rights in Toronto. Together, let us be the encouragement Premier Ford needs to steel his resolve, so that he chooses to ignore the voices of opposition to his righteous, parental rights agenda.

Will you join with the Canadian Families Alliance, of which Campaign Life Coalition is a member, to be the encouragement Doug Ford needs during this tense period?

Please RSVP at a special Canadian Families Alliance website set up for this event.

Thanks and God bless,

Jeff Gunnarson
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. To help us increase attendance numbers, please also consider organizing a bus to Queen's Park, from your community or place of worship. Tell us the details if you do.

P.P.S. Ask your pastor if they would support the rally by promoting the event in the church bulletin, and from the pulpit. We can provide the blurb.