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Don't force elementary schools to fly the gay pride flag

Dear supporter,

The LGBT agenda in public schools is moving aggressively to implement a whole new strategy of school-wide indoctrination, beginning at the youngest of ages.

As reported in the Windsor Star, the Greater Essex County District School Board in Ontario voted on February 19th to force all elementary schools to fly the homosexual pride flag for a minimum of one week during the month of June, when “gay pride month” is celebrated.

As LifeSiteNews reports, this public indoctrination strategy is being implemented in school boards across the country.

Children as young as 4 years old, in Junior Kindergarten, will have the gay pride flag flown over their heads as they enter their schools.

Furthermore, we know that very often, the entire student body is frog-marched out for a flag raising ceremony, at which children are taught to accept and celebrate homosexuality, transgenderism and all the sexual identities pushed by the LGBT lobby, whether they like it or not.

Flying a symbol as controversial as the homosexual flag is offensive and disrespectful towards the diversity of religious, ethnic and cultural beliefs in the school community who believe that there are only two genders – male & female – and that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Most importantly, the potential to produce sexual confusion in the minds of the young is enormous.

It’s precisely this sort of social engineering by powerful institutions that is responsible for the explosion of gender Identity disorders that we are witnessing in youth today.

This is a totalitarian, Marxist, power grab by leftist elites for the hearts and minds of the next generation, with no regard for the trauma and conflict they will cause.

This power grab must be stopped.

Please sign our new petition asking all public school boards to stop playing sexual politics with our children. The petition asks Boards of Education to initiate a policy of only permitting the Canadian flag to be flown on school property.

Campaign Life Coalition will deliver signatures to the public school board trustees.



Jeff Gunnarson

National President
Campaign Life Coalition


P.S. To double your impact, our petition gives you the option of also choosing to mail a physical postcard to your local public school trustee, in your name. If you choose that option, you'll be prompted to donate $1.75 to cover the cost of postage & printing.