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Jason Kenney's GSA announcement not good enough

Dear Alberta supporters,

The United Conservative Party (UCP) Leader, Jason Kenney, has triggered the perpetually-offended LGBT lobby by announcing that, if elected, his government would roll back the School Act implemented by the NDP government, and replace it with the Education Act that had been in place in 2014 under the PC Government.

This announcement by Kenney is a step in the right direction, but does not take the UCP nearly far enough down the road to total freedom from the gay lobby’s chokehold on Alberta families.

We applaud Kenney’s move in so far as it will allow schools to notify parents if their child has joined a gay club at school, if the school wants to do that.

The NDP’s Bill 24 forced schools to keep it secret from parents if their child got involved in a Gay-Straight Alliance Club, thus destroying the parent-child bond.

Kenney’s proposed change would also nullify the NDP legislation that requires private Christian schools to create policies to accommodate the celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism, within the walls of the Christian school. Of course, that NDP legislation was unconstitutional, and raw tyranny.

If Bill 24 is effectively repealed, this will restore a little bit of religious freedom in Alberta, along with a certain measure of parental rights with regard to the moral education of their own children.

In some schools - we hope - the staff would stop keeping secrets from parents about what their children are exposed to at school regarding sexuality and religion.

I qualified that with “some” and “we hope”, because Kenney has not gone so far as to say that he would force schools to inform parents. He only said that that they would have the discretion to do so, if they desire.

In fact, Kenney reassured the liberal media who immediately attacked him, that: “I believe in the vast majority of cases, teachers are not going to communicate with parents about this, but in some unique cases … engaging the loving support of a parent is entirely reasonable”, as quoted in the Edmonton Star.

How are we to interpret that comment by Kenney?

Is he reassuring the leftist media that they need not worry, because teachers will not communicate to parents who disagree with the gay lifestyle, but rather, only with parents who are likely to support the child’s identification as “gay” or “transgender”?

Kenney has not gone far enough to protect parents and impressionable children.

His proposal to allow schools to inform parents their child is in a GSA will fall apart completely where the schools are run by pro-LGBT activists who despise the very concept of parental rights. And where the teachers or staff are totally in the tank for the LGBT agenda.

In those situations, leaving it up to the school’s discretion offers no relief whatsoever, because it necessarily means that secrets will still be kept from parents.

He needs to give parents more relief than this, from the encroaching homo-fascism.

Alberta parents should pressure Kenney to pledge that he will make it mandatory for all schools to inform parents of their child’s involvement in a gay pride club, which, in reality, is what GSAs truly are.

In fact, we need to confront the big lie about GSAs, and actually work to get them out of our schools.

The truth about Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs

Contrary to the mendacious claims of the NDP, their media allies, and even by Jason Kenney, GSAs have nothing to do with anti-bullying or supporting students who have been bullied for same-sex attraction.

The students who join these gay pride clubs are not downtrodden, bullied kids.

They are typically outspoken LGBT-activists, who have never been bullied for their sexual attraction. They want the GSA merely as a platform of indoctrination and to spout hatred against Christians and other faiths who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that there are only two sexes.

A common phrase that we see employed in GSAs and in the general LGBT propaganda in schools, is the mantra of “eradicating homophobia”. That’s a euphemism for “eradicating the Christian beliefs about human sexuality that parents instill in their children at home”.

The NDP and the gay lobby just don’t want to admit that’s the real game because doing so might slow their march to total domination.

Another concern that’s never talked about, is that quite often, adult gay-activists from the community are brought into the school GSA meetings, ostensibly to “support” the same-sex attracted or sexually-confused students who have allegedly been bullied.

Sometimes, external outings are organized by the club, which takes students to external locations and events frequented by homosexual adults. This introduces a certain safety risk that isn’t very prudent.

Think about it –- adults who are essentially strangers to the children and parents, being brought in to help underage children navigate their sexuality? This is a recipe for things to go very wrong.

Although we said Kenney's announcement is a step in the right direction, Alberta parents still have a big problem.

That is, Kenney still supports the tyranny of forcing publicly-funded schools to set up a gay pride club whenever a student demands one. That’s not acceptable. Parents and the school should have a say in this.

In fact, given that GSAs have nothing to do with anti-bullying, and only serve as a cover for indoctrinating students and staff with LGBT propaganda, these gay pride clubs should not be permitted at all, anywhere. 

If the ostensible goal is to support kids who’ve been bullied and stop it from happening again, schools certainly have the resources to offer a generic support system for kids who’ve been bullied, regardless of the reason.

The real risk factors for bullying in school

The fact of the matter is that body shape and body size, not same-sex attraction, is the #1 cause of bullying, e.g. being fat or skinny.

Same-sex attraction does not even rank in the top 6 reasons for why students get bullied, according to a study commissioned by the Toronto District School Board.

All of this is “anti-bullying” talk in relation to GSAs is just a cover, to help smuggle the politically-motivated, LGBT, social engineering agenda into the school environment, as a platform to run school-wide propaganda campaigns.

We urge Kenney to give greater protection to Alberta families and children. He should adopt the policy of the Alberta Advantage Party which would eliminate the mandatory legal requirement for schools to establish GSAs, and leave it entirely up to the discretion of the school.

Pulling a Tanya Granic Allen

On that note, there exists an opportunity to leverage this new, Alberta Advantage Party, and its very good education policy, so as to put pressure on the UCP to adopt a similar policy of school/community autonomy.

The Alberta Advantage Party (AAP) is running a number of candidates, but still needs candidates in many ridings for the April 16th election. Its party leader, Marilyn Burns, is asking for interested individuals to contact the party if they are interested in running on its platform.

Just imagine the pressure that could be brought to bear upon Kenney’s UCP, in every all-candidates debate, in every riding, if an AAP candidate pledged to do more than the UCP for parental rights, and spelled out the school choice/parental rights policy.

In the same way that Ontario’s Tanya Granic Allen’s dragged Doug Ford and Christine Elliott to her position on repealing sex ed by constantly bringing up the issue during every PC Party Leadership debate, perhaps AAP candidates could likewise drag the UCP to adopt their superior policy position?

To qualify as an AAP candidate, you must:

1. Hold Canadian citizenship, and
2. Have been "ordinarily resident" in Alberta for the past 6 months.

The deadline to apply is THIS Friday, March 29th.

If you’re interested in using this platform to advance parental rights, send an e-mail with your name and best phone number to: [email protected].

Also, please put "Candidate" in the subject line.


Thanks and God bless, 

Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition