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UPDATED: 2019 Voter Guide

Dear Supporters,

I want to draw your attention to several updates and new features we’ve added to our website.

1. New pro-life/pro-family candidates

We launched the site a few weeks ago. If the last time you checked your riding was then, and if the site indicated that there was no pro-life candidate in your local riding, please check again now by entering your postal code. It may be that there now exists a pro-life/pro-family candidate to support.

If there’s still nobody supportable locally, please consider volunteering for the closest nearby candidate, perhaps in an adjacent riding. The website will tell you who that is, and how far away they are from where you live, in kilometres.

2. Added Green Party and Elizabeth May

With the rise in popularity of the Green Party, as per the most recent public opinion polls, we were asked by supporters to include the Greens in our voter guide analysis.

Therefore, we’ve just finished adding the Green Party to our PARTY PLATFORM COMPARISON chart.

Its Leader has been added to our RATING THE LEADERS section. Check it out.

3. Printable handouts

In order to maximize the impact of in electing socially-conservative MPs across the nation, we’ve created print versions for many of our voter guide resources.

This will enable our activists to recruit new pro-life/pro-family voters by sharing the handouts with their friends, relatives, co-workers, and members of their church.

This can be especially valuable with seniors and voters who live in retirement homes who may not have access to the internet.

It’s critical we get those socially-conservative seniors out to the voting booth!

The following handouts enable you to download them, take them to a local copy or print shop (e.g. Staples, TPH, etc.) and get as many copies made as you need to distribute within your social circles. 

3.1 Voter Guide Listing of Supportable Candidates

Note: The PDF links for the provinces below were disabled at 12:00am on June 29th so as to avoid triggering Justin Trudeau's new rules on "Third Party Advertising" for the 2019 general election. As part of an ongoing effort by Trudeau to eliminate conservative voices from the internet, CLC has been forced to shut down our publicly available, federal election voter guide resources during a Liberal-imposed gag period that starts July 1st and ends October 21st. We have to do this in order to avoid triggering the extremely onerous Third Party Advertiser reporting requirements. We will contact our private database of supporters and donors in a week or two to share how they can access these resources via a new, private, member-only login system that our programmers are building for us. 

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

3.2 Party Platform Comparison Chart

Download it as an 11x17, 2-sided sheet which folds flat to a 8.5x11 four-pager.  (Note: this link has been disabled as per the note in 3.1)

3.3. Leader Rating hand-outs

Note: these links were disabled as per the note in 3.1 above.

• Justin Trudeau (LIB)

• Jagmeet Singh (NDP)

• Andrew Scheer (CON)

• Maxime Bernier (PPC)

• Elizabeth May (GRN)

• Rod Taylor (CHP)

Help us succeed in our mission of electing a pro-life/pro-family majority to the House of Commons!



Jack Fonseca
Director of Political Operations
Campaign Life Coalition