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Plan to see Unplanned on Friday July 12th

The Unplanned movie is taking the world by storm, much to the ire of Hollywood and the abortion industry. Now YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR FRIENDS finally have a chance to see it here in Canada.

The movie opens in theatres across the country next Friday, July 12th. Here's a list of locations where you can go see it (these are listed below by location, city, province, and dates):

If you don't see showtimes for Unplanned listed in your area, but you still want to bring the movie to your community, don't worry. You might want to consider buying out a theatre, which isn't as hard as you think, just visit the special website by the Unplanned team and follow the instructions. The page has details about what you can do to bring Unplanned to a theatre near you, and you can also watch the trailer.

It's really important that we stack these movie theatres. Why? Because everyone in the movie industry, from all the big-shot Hollywood studios and producers, right down to the distributors and theatre chains, they need to see that there is a massive demand for Unplanned in Canada. The best way to do that is to put people in the seats.

So, mark it on your calendar and make your plans to see Unplanned next Friday, July 12th. It's time for Canadians to see what Abby saw that changed her life.

It is SO important to bring as many people with you to see this movie as you can, and be sure to check out the Unplanned website for updates on new theatre locations.