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Protests against rad sex-ed & gender ideology

On Saturday September 21st, numerous cities will hold protests against the sexual exploitation of children that is running rampant through our institutions, including schools and the media.

These protest have been organized by a parental rights activists with whom Campaign Life Coalition has worked in the past, Sandra Hamell, who was also heavily involved with Ontario's parental rebellion.

The two primary targets of the protests will be: (a) radical sex-ed which began in Ontario under Kathleen Wynne and has now metastasized across the country like a pernicious cancer, and (b) the CBC's paedophilic "Drag Kids" TV documentary. 

Ontario's radical sex curriculum, now adopted by Premier Doug Ford, was developed under the careful direction of a convicted pedophile, Mr. Benjamin Levin, Wynne's former Deputy Education Minister at the time.

Many parents and experts see Levin's fingerprints and grooming agenda all over the sex curriculum.

That sex-ed agenda has given cover to, and spawned, evil offspring of its own.

Now, the CBC has gotten into the sexual exploitation game with its "Drag Kids" documentary.

This evil program targets very young boys to get them questioning whether they are really girls, and encourages them to identify as “transgender”. Shockingly, it puts the child participants, as young as nine, in sexual poses and gyrating their bodies as if to arouse adults.

Our friends at CitizenGo recently held an effective, eye-catching protest outside the CBC Studio headquarters against the Drag Kids documentary, which apparently inspired these other parental rights activists to include many CBC offices as protest locations for the overall theme of saying No to gender identity theory everywhere that it's being used to brainwash and sexually exploit children. 

Here's s a list of protest locations happening on Saturday September 21st:

 City Adresss  Start time  RSVP / Flyer
 Calgary  CBC Studio, 105-1000 Veteran's Place, Calgary, AB (map)   1:00 pm  RSVP
 Halifax  CBC Studio, 1840 Bell Rd., Halifax, NS (map)   1:00 pm  RSVP
 Ottawa  Parliament Hill, Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON (map)  12:00 pm  RSVP | Flyer
 Saskatoon  CBC Studio, 128 4th Ave S, Saskatoon, SK (map)   1:00 pm  RSVP
 St. John's  CBC Studio, 95 University Avenue, St. John's, NL (map)   1:00 pm  RSVP
 St. Thomas  City Hall, 545 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, N5P 1C3  (map)  11:00 am  RSVP
 Toronto  CBC Studio, 250 Front St, Toronto, ON (map)    1:00 pm  RSVP
 Vancouver  CBC Studio, 700 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC (map)    1:00 pm  RSVP
 Windsor  CBC Studio, 825 Riverside Dr W, Windsor, ON (map)    1:00 pm  RSVP

Please support the parental rights and anti-child sexualization movement by attending one of the protest locations nearest you. If possible, take photos and video, and send them to us afterwards.