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Abortion-breast cancer link expert coming to Guelph!

ALERT:  Dr. Joel Brind, the world's foremost authority on the abortion-breast cancer link is coming to town! 

He'll be speaking at the "Time to Cherish Human Life Conference" taking place October 4 & 5 in Guelph, Ontario.

Don't miss your chance, on Saturday October 5th, to learn about the dramatic correlation between abortion and breast cancer, from Dr. Joel Brind, the leading scientist in the field.

During his research into the metabolism of steroid hormones and their relation to various human diseases, Dr. Brind came across evidence linking abortion and breast cancer.

To the chagrin of Planned Parenthood, Brind published ground-breaking, peer-reviewed research in a variety of medical journals.

This body of work has greatly helped the pro-life movement to argue persuasively that abortion not only kills children, but also harms women

Famed counter-culture speaker, Dr. Janet Smith

Dr. Brind alone is worth the price of admission to this pro-life conference.

However, our friends at the educational group hosting the event, Alliance For Life Ontario, have packed the conference with other heavy-weights. 

Like Dr. Janet Smith, whose revolutionary Contraception: Why Not? DVD sold 2,000,000 copies.

That epic presentation changed countless lives around the world, inspiring many people to live according to God's blueprint for human happiness

Smith's expose on the devastating effects of the pill on modern society rocked the Catholic world, and beyond. Backed by statistics and decades of research, Dr. Smith showed the crippling effect of our contraceptive culture on relationships, our families, and our physical and mental health.

She'll give two talks on Friday October 4th. One is entitled Green Sex Is Best, and the other, The Sexual Mess We Are In and How Did We Get Here

Jim Hughes, Godfather of Canada's pro-life movement

Jim is President Emeritus of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), and headed the national pro-life/pro-family organization from 1978 - 2018.

By keeping CLC's focus over the decades on nominating and electing pro-life candidates to government, Jim has been instrumental in keeping the pro-life message - and the abortion debate - alive in our nation's politics.

Due to Jim's long-term vision, CLC founded, a daily news service reporting on life & family issues which has become indispensable in the global fight against the culture of death. 

Countless Canadian babies have been spared from death because of Jim's visionary leadership.

He began the National March For Life on Parliament Hill, the 40 Days For Life campaign in Canada,  the annual LifeChain, and other proven, life-saving projects.  In fact, Jim has received so many reports of children being saved from abortion due to CLC initiatives, that he lost track of numbers long ago.

Other extraordinary leaders

The speakers roster is truly star-studded. Check out the rest of the speakers and their topics, here

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