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Father defies radical judge's publication ban - speaks out against daughter's sex change transition

A loving Canadian father, Rob Hoogland, who was being gagged by a psychotic left-wing judge in order to prevent the Canadian public from knowing the truth about how his daughter is being medically and psychologically abused, has finally broken his silence.

In the first ever interview where he shows his face and reveals his name, Mr. Hoogland shared the harrowing details of his battle to protect his 14-year-old daughter from being chemically and surgically "transitioned" to impersonate the opposite sex.

Watch the interview here, while you still can, before the censors take it down:

The father has ignored the judge's publication ban by doing a video interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson about his daughter's sex change transitioning, egged on as it was by her elementary school counsellor.

Both the brave dad and interviewer now potentially face jail time for defying the judge's censorship order, and sharing the truth with Canadians about how his family is being torn apart by these radical sex activists.

Immediately after publishing the video interview on her online channel, our friend and ally, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, received letters from lawyers demanding that she cover up the truth by taking down the interview. She was summoned to appear in court on the morning of February 12th, in Vancouver, at the British Columbia Superior Court. Please pray for her.

Mr. Hoogland was being forced by the court to affirm that his daughter is a “him.” (The court said he couldn’t even call his own daughter a girl or refer to her by her female birth name.) The court banned him from opposing his daughter’s “transition to a male” in any way at all, and even from speaking to the media, thus taking away his constitutional right to free speech.

Hoogland faces possible jail time for publicly saying anything about the violation of parental rights he has endured, or the medical jeopardy his daughter is in as a result of the powerful puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones being administered to her in preparation for a future surgical mutilation.

Laura-Lynn refused to comply, putting herself in legal jeopardy, too. Watch her moving response to the lawyers' demands here:

Both Laura-Lynn and Mr. Hoogland are in serious legal trouble now. Just because they wanted the public to know the truth about a tragic story - and a dangerous ideology - that’s tearing a BC family apart.

Please share the father's video interview far and wide!

Canadians must hear this story which the courts are trying to hide from public view.  The corrupt judges are in cahoots with the radical trans activists, in order to advance an ideological, political revolution to overthrow the very concept of male and female in our world.

Please, watch the video. You better hurry though, because there’s no telling when it will be pulled off the internet, either by court order, or by pressure on the hosting company from left-wing, anti-free speech fascists.