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Only days left to put our pro-life candidates on the ballot

Our three social conservative candidates, Leslyn Lewis, Derek Sloan and Jim Karahalios, are moving the yardstick forward!

At this point in the Conservative Leadership race, they've each conducted numerous media interviews where the primary focus was their beliefs in the sanctity of life, family values and free speech. 

Each of our candidates has been advocating publicly for pro-life legislation and/or policies.

Dr. Leslyn Lewis has pledged to bring forward a government bill to ban sex-selective abortions. 

Dr. Lewis has also promised a second, pro-life government bill to protect women and their babies from coerced abortions


Jim Karahalios has promised to fill Supreme Court vacancies with pro-life, conservative judges who will not engage in the type of judicial activism that liberal judges have used for decades to destroy the moral pillars on which Canada was founded. Jim also promised to protect conscience rights if he becomes Prime Minister.


Derek Sloan has pledged to repeal Bill C-16, the transgender ideology bill, if he's elected Prime Minister.

Sloan has opposed the Trudeau government's "conversion therapy" bill (C-8)which will put parents in jail for up to 5 years if they refuse to affirm their child's gender confusion and request for a sex change. He encouraged his Conservative MP colleagues to also oppose C-8.

All three have pledged to end taxpayer funding of international abortions.

All of them have stood their ground and told reporters they will not march in the homosexual pride parade - ever.

These candidates have been a God-send!

At a time when the media is working overtime to pressure the Conservative Party to drive out pro-life, pro-family people once and for all, and to transform itself into a carbon copy of the Trudeau Liberals, our three SoCon candidates are fighting to keep our values alive in the party! 

As a pro-life and pro-family movement, we need to ensure that Jim, Leslyn and Derek can continue this indispensable work of advocating for life, family, faith and freedom.

Each of them must submit the required $300,000 entry fee to the Party by March 25th. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from the race.

It's a huge number, but the good news is each of them is more than 2/3 of the way there!

Donate to Leslyn Lewis, here:

Donate to Derek Sloan, here:

Donate to Jim Karahalios, here:

The great thing about political donations is that on next year’s tax return, you’ll be able to get up to 75% your donation back! This chart demonstrates that the actual cost of your contribution is very low, after factoring in the tax credit that's possible to get back.

After making a donation to one or more of our pro-life, pro-family candidates, please send us an email to tell me you did so at [email protected].

We want to be able to tell our candidates exactly how much CLC supporters have helped them.