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Keep up the pressure: Calgary City Councillors' Contact Info

If you were directed here, it's because you recently emailed your Calgary City Councillor using our Action Alert Email program regarding the anti-free speech bubble zone bylaw they want to pass.

This fight isn't over yet, though.

It's crucial that your elected officials hear from you again, this time by phone.

The email you sent definitely puts your concerns on the radar.

But now, it's time for a second call-to-action.

Would you please do me another favour, and call City Hall to reinforce that you want your local Councillor to vote against a draconian bylaw like this one?

As you know, Council's goal is to create a 150-metre buffer around every single school in Calgary, which takes up more space than you might think.


This would apply to all the public sidewalks, all the parks, and every inch of roadway in those areas.

Once you're in one of these censorship zones, you could be hit with hefty fines for carrying a pro-life sign that's bigger than a postcard.

Evangelizing with the truth is what's at stake here, {{ recipient.custom_values_for_display['name_for_email'] }}.

And what is that truth?

The truth is that every human life is precious because it's lovingly and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God.

This is why the killing of an innocent, unborn child is so abhorrent and why Canadians must be free to speak out publicly against abortion, or any matter, on all public property.

Without free speech, we don't have a democracy, we have tyranny and a totalitarian state.

We can't let Calgary City Council take this huge step to cancel pro-life free speech in your city, which is why we need you to phone your local Councillor today.

Don't worry, you don't need to look up all the contact information.

Below are the phone numbers and Twitter handles for Calgary’s 14 city councillors and the mayor.

Please call your local Councillor and ask them to vote against this authoritarian censorship bylaw.

We’ve also included their Twitter handles, so if you’re a Twitter user, consider tweeting your Councillor as a third action item.

Ward 01, Mr. Ward Sutherland, Tel: Main,  Twitter: @Ward4Ward1

Ward 02, Mr. Joe Magliocca, Tel: Main, Twitter: @Joe_Magliocca

Ward 03, Ms. Jyoti Gondek, Tel: Main,  Twitter: @JyotiGondek

Ward 04: Mr. Sean Chu, Tel: (403) 268-3727,  Twitter: @seanchucalgary

Ward 05: Mr. George Chahal, Tel: Main, Twitter: @ChahalGeorge

Ward 06: Mr. Jeff Davison, Tel: (403) 268-1646, Twitter: @JeffDavisonYYC

Ward 07: Ms. Druh Farrell, Tel: Main, Twitter: @DruhFarrell

Ward 08: Mr. Evan Woolley, Tel: Main,  Twitter: @EWoolleyWard8

Ward 09: Mr. Gian-Carlo Carra, Tel: (403) 268-5330,  Twitter: @gccarra

Ward 10: Mr. Ray Jones,  Tel: Main,  Twitter: @RundleRay

Ward 11: Mr. Jeromy Farkas,  Tel: Main,  Twitter: @JeromyYYC

Ward 12: Mr. Shane Keating, Tel: (403) 268-1698, Twitter: @CouncillorKeats

Ward 13: Ms. Diane Colley-Urquhart, Tel: (403) 268-1624, Twitter: @BigRedyyc

Ward 14: Mr. Peter Demong, Tel: (403) 268-1653, Twitter: @peterdemong

Mayor: Mr. Naheed Nenshi, Tel: (403) 268-5622, Twitter: @nenshi

Please note that Councillors whose phone numbers are indicated as "MAIN" can't be reached directly.

For these individuals, please call the main City Hall number, during business hours, at 403-268-2430 and ask to be transferred to the individual councillor, by name.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support here.

It makes a huge difference when elected officials hear from the men and women in the communities they represent.

{{ recipient.custom_values_for_display['name_for_email'] }}, in the eyes of your local Councillor, your voice will represent an important vote they may lose in the next election.

Council wants to move fast on this bylaw, so act today.

All it takes is just a few minutes – even leaving a message will help to hammer home your point.

God bless.


Jeff Gunnarson
National President