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TCDSB allows children to access homosexual pornography

NOTE: This is a web version of an email that was sent to supporters.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board has enabled under-age Catholic students being able to access homosexual pornography via the website of the LGBT Youthline.

On January 8th, following a complaint to the TCDSB about a “resource" link on its website that leads children, within just a few clicks, to explicit homosexual pornography, the Catholic school board deleted the link. 

But within a few days, after just a bit of media pressure, restored it again.

The resource link on the school board website enabled children to access content which encouraged dangerous sexual practices like “fisting”, and which enticed them to join a club for even more sexual content.

Deleting the link was the only proper and responsible action to take.

However, the gay group that hosted the offending links to pornographic content showed no remorse and offered no apology for sexualizing under-age children who might come to the site via the TCDSB link.

Instead, on January 11th, the LGBT Youthline doubled down, running to its mainstream media allies, and announced it would not remove the pornographic content from its website, and made the following belligerent demands:

  1. The TCDSB must immediately restore the link to its content. Gay porn included!
  2. The TCDSB must apologize for removing the link.
  3. The TCDSB must ensure that LGBT Youthline has greater access to EVERY Catholic school by placing its posters and information in every school.

Within 48 hours of the mainstream media campaign defending the LGBT Youthline resource, the TCDSB caved to the pressure, and restored the link.

How bad is the pornographic content?

The LGBT Youthline website contains a link to Autostraddle, a website directed towards children and young adults that contains pornography, instructions on hetero and homosexual sex (including dangerous vaginal 'fisting' practices), erotic literature, and the sale of dildos and vibrators. For an affordable price a child can become a member to gain access to even more sexual content and join the community!

Other links from Youthline promote "sex work" and "cruising" for casual sex at parks, public washrooms and bathhouses.

The Youthline site was discovered by retired school Principal, Anthony Kiar, who made a video to expose the inappropriate nature of the “resource" link. His original video was removed from YouTube, but you can see an updated version by clicking here.

The Corriere Canadese newspaper then published a story, based on the revelations in Kiar's video, which caused the school board to briefly remove the link from its site on January 8.  

Pro-porn advocacy by Catholic Trustees

The TCDSB’s subsequent moral collapse and defacto approval of gay porn for Catholic children was in large part due to Trustee Norm Di Pasquale. He publicly stated that he was prepared to, “go to bat every day of the week [for LGBT YouthLine]”, calling for it to be restored as a “valued partner” and saying he has “enourmous respect” for the group.

Not long after this, the link was reinstated by the TCDSB.

LGBT Youthline also received the unwavering support of Maria Rizzo who joined in denouncing the decision to protect children from pornographic exposure.

The audacity of the LGBT Youthline is astonishing, but even more so was the betrayal of children and the Church by the trustees, the Director of Education, and Toronto’s Cardinal Thomas Collins who did not utter one word against the sexually-explicit content.

Take Action

This decision cannot be allowed to stand. We must not allow minor children to be given access to any kind of pornography, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

Article 2354 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says that pornography:

offends against chastity…[and] does grave injury to the dignity of its participants, since each becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others…It gives grave offence”.

We know pornography is also extremely addictive for children and produces lasting harms.

We need your help to pressure the TCDSB trustees, the Director and Cardinal Collins into restoring its sanity by ensuring the link is removed, permanently.

Phone and email the Trustees, the Director of Education, and the Cardinal right now and demand that they remove as one of their online resources. Phone numbers and email addresses can be found at the bottom of the text.

Catholic School Trustees

Joseph Martino: 416.512.3401, [email protected]

Daniel Di Giorgio: 416.512.3410, [email protected]

Frank D’Amico:  416.512.3406,  [email protected]

Markus de Domenico: 416.512.3402, [email protected]

Ida Li Preti: 416.222.8282 Ext.2660 [email protected]

Angela Kennedy: 416-512-3411 [email protected]

Maria Rizzo: 416.512.3405, [email protected]

Norm Di Pasquale:  416.512.3409, [email protected]

Garry Tanuan: 416.512.3408, [email protected] 

Teresa Lubinski: 416-512-3404, [email protected]

Nancy Crawford: 416.512.3412, [email protected]

Michael Del Grande: 416.512.3407, [email protected]

Director of Education

Dr. Brendan Browne: 416.222.8282 ext. 2296, [email protected]

Toronto's Cardinal Archbishop

His Excellency, Cardinal Thomas Collins: 416.934.0606 ext. 609, [email protected]

Thank you for using your voice as a concerned member of the community.

Thanks and God bless,

Jeff Gunnarson
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. While we’re on the topic of the TCDSB, please consider supporting Trustee Michael Del Grande’s legal defense so that he can continue to champion authentic Catholic beliefs as a school trustee. Click here to donate.