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A pro-life City Councillor for Belleville?

How would you like to see a strong pro-lifer get elected to your local City Council?

Well, we have great news!

A pro-life, pro-free speech candidate is running for Belleville City Council, Ward 1 in the Ontario Municipal Elections taking place this October 24th.

Her name is Sarita Van Dyke.

Sarita Van Dyke

Sarita gave perfect answers to the 2022 CLC questionnaire. She is a strong pro-lifer, and a huge supporter of the Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre. So, she is someone who puts her money where her mouth is to encourage the choice of life instead of abortion!

She's also a church-going Christian who values her faith and tries to put it in action.

However, Sarita could face opponents in the Ward 1 City Council race who are pro-abortion and may have large campaign teams backing them.

This is why we must seize this golden opportunity to elect someone who shares our belief in the sanctity of, and right to, life!

5 Steps to Help Sarita Van Dyke Win

#1. Vote for Sarita Van Dyke as your choice for Ward 1 City Councillor in Belleville in the October municipal election.

#2. Urge everyone you know in Council Ward 1 to vote for Sarita. Through your social networks of friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbours, and members of your church, you can make a significant difference in "getting out the vote" for Sarita.

#3. Volunteer on Sarita's campaign team and take a hands-on approach to ensuring her electoral victory! She needs help with mailings, phone calling, door knocking, lawn signs, etc., so please consider pitching in a few hours!

#4. Lawn Sign: Get a Sarita Van Dyke lawn sign for your property. You can contact her team via email by clicking here.

#5. Donate to her election campaign.

To volunteer for Sarita's campaign, please email her here. Be sure to tell Sarita that you're volunteering on the recommendation of Campaign Life Coalition.