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Bill 13 Supporters Reveal Deep-Seated Contempt For Christians

Publish date:  June 4, 2012


Over the past five days, Bill 13's  supporters have let their masks slip, exposing the utter contempt they hold for Christianity in general, and faithful Catholic parents in particular.   Three vivid examples come to mind.

Anti-Catholic bigotry on display as Bill 13 supporter calls for defunding Catholic schools and admits "hate" toward the Catholic Church

Last Thursday May 31 at the Dundas Square Toronto protest, a Bill 13 supporter stopped to argue with the parental protestors, called for the removal of "public funds" from Catholic schools. When pushed to explain his reasons, the man admitted that he "hates" the Catholic Church. He then proceeded to say that parents who oppose the normalization of homosexuality in Ontario classrooms should "move to Alberta or out of the country".  Some lover of inclusivity, eh? We have that interaction on video but it is not yet available.

McGuinty Bill 13 Supporter to Catholics: "You deserve to be bullied"

On Friday, the following day, the Ottawa branch of Campaign Life Coalition had organized a protest at Dalton McGuinty's Ottawa constituency office which was attended by 140 parents and concerned citizens, most of them Catholics. Four young women arrived to counter-protest in support of Dalton McGuinty's bill 13. While the peaceful, prayerful citizen protest took place, the four LGBT activists shouted angrily and called them names.  A video blogger arrived and asked the LGBT activists whether they thought that shouting and calling names at peacefulprotestors wasn't a form of bullying. The young girl responded: "Good! You deserve to be bullied!".  You can watch that captured on video below. The hateful comment is right at the end of the 3 minute video.

MPP directs threatening statement towards parents and religious leaders at Bill 13 Committee Hearings

The third example of contempt towards biblical Christians is perhaps more shocking because it comes from an elected member of provincial parliament.  On Monday June 4, the final debate on Bill 13 took place in Ontario's legislature. NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo directed a very threatening statement towards the concerned parents and faith leaders who had testified about their concerns during committee hearings on Bill 13.   At one point during her glowing praise of Bill 13, she suggested: "We heard some deputations... that if they had said the same things they were saying about LGBT people about people of colour, or about any racialized group we would’ve had to turn the mic off and we would’ve had to charge them with a hate crime".

What did these parents and religious leaders say that DiNovo felt it would be justified to cut off their free speech and instantly lock them up"? Why, they simply and respectfully expressed disagrement with using the educational system to normalize homosexuality in the minds of their children, that's what.  The stood up for their inherent parental rights to direct the moral education of their own kids, that's what.

Every person of good will should be indignant at this ominous remark, and see it as a sign of things to come if Bill 13 passes. This kind of hatred towards traditionally-principled families will lead to systemic discrimination. It is not difficulut to see how traditionally-principled teachers and students who object to the homosexual agenda will be persecuted. One should expect that teachers who hold and express a biblical view of human sexuality will be made to suffer.