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Ontario legislature quietly passes radical 'bathroom bill'

Unbeknown to most Ontarians, on Wednesday June 13, 2012 Ontario's legislature passed Bill 33, a radical piece of legislation which has been dubbed the "bathroom bill" by pro-family critics because included amongst other far-reaching implications, is the fact that it will grant men who claim to be "transgendered" or "transsexual", the right to use women's bathrooms, locker rooms and other single-sex facilities.  This puts women and young girls at greater risk because male sexual predators will use the new law to pretend they are 'transgendered', cross-dressers, or what have you, so they can get into female facilities without arousing suspicion.

Bill 33 enshrines in law a counterfeit right to "gender expression" and "gender identity". It does so by adding them to the list of special interest groups "protected" by the Ontario Human Rights Code. A more realistic term than "protected" is actually "empowered" because these special interest groups will use their new status as a "sword", not as a "shield", in order to go after and smash their ideological opponents to bits.

It is expected that the militant gay lobby will use the new law as one more battering ram to attack religious institutions, Christian charities, private businesses owned by Christians and even churches. How so? The activists will soon begin filing human rights complaints and legal challenges to claim that their fake right to "gender expression" trumps the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience of religious organizations and business owners by allowing them to dress up in the opposite sex.

Furthermore, they will use the force of law to demand that employers, whether a religious institution or a private business owner, acknowledge and affirm them as the opposite sex. Men will demand that Christians and people of faith pretend they are women, and vice versa. Of course, this is an egregious violation of freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, but it is the inevitable result of this insane 'gender identity' law. Religious institutions will be specifically targeted for harassment by these activists.

Sources inside Queens Park are reporting that PC Leader Tim Hudak actually made a deal with the other parties to pass Bill 33 unanimously.  Quite conveniently, there was no recorded vote. It was done on a voice vote so that no MPP could be held to account by voters. To do this on a controversial bill that will fundamentally reshape society in many respects, is anti-democratic to its core. All three party leaders should be ashamed for shutting out Ontarians from this debate and hiding their vote record from the public.

Now, all Canadians must turn their attention to defeating a similar bill at the federal level. Bill C-279 is another bill that will amend the Canadian Human Rights Code to enshrine the invented rights of 'gender identity' and 'gender expression'.  It is sponsored federally by a homosexual-activist NDP member of parliament. It has already passed second reading by a vote of 150 to 132 and is currently in committtee before it gets scheduled for a third and final vote at some point in the near future.

According to the homosexual media, Manitoba also has a bathroom bill that is proceeding through the legislature.

The implication of laws that force society and people of faith to deny reality and pretend that some men are really women is frightening enough. However, out of genuine compassion we also have to be concerned with the fact that these "gender identity" laws will cause serious harm to gender-confused individuals themselves, including leading some to commit suicide.  The American Psychological Association still lists gender identity problems as a mental disorder. These laws will discourage people from seeking treatment for the false belief that they are a woman trapped in a man's body, or vice versa. Instead this law will tell these poor people to embrace and celebrate their mental disorder. Studies show that people who choose sex change surgery are no happier after the procedure and in fact, have very high rates of suicide attempts. 

If we facilitate their gender confusion with these laws, and even lead some down the path to self-destructive choices, then we as a society have proven we lack true compassion. If we truly love these gender-confused people, we have an obligation to oppose these damaging and false laws.  There is even a Christian ministry made up of men and women who regret their choice to have sex change surgery and are warning others not to make the same mistake. Visit for details, including medical research and testimonies.