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Anti-science MPs defeat Motion 312

Originally published:  September 26, 2012    7:36pm


Predictably, but regrettably nonetheless, MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 was defeated 91 in favour to 203 opposed.  Here are a few notable highlights:

  • Several Cabinet Ministers voted in favour including Diane Ablonczy, Rona Ambrose, Peter Van Loan, Gerry Ritz, Julian Fantino, Peter Penashue, Ed Fast and Jason Kenney.  Rona Ambrose's vote shocked the twitter-verse, with many angry tweets from pro-aborts calling for her to be fired.
  • 4 Liberals voted in favour (Jim Karygiannis, John McKay, Kevin Lamoureux, Lawrence MacAuley
  • Prime Minister Harper voted against, as he had promised to do
  • Not a single New Democrat MP voted in favour


The motion never had a fair chance of succeeding given that the number of pro-life MPs who are elected currently constitute a minority. However, this motion was not important because it ever had a realistic chance of passing. It was important for a two-fold reason:

1. It has created a much-needed debate across our nation about the humanity of the unborn child. The value of this debate cannot be understated.

2. It has energized and excited the pro-life movement and encouraged many churches to get more involved.  The challenge now is to translate that energy into political action in getting more pro-life MPs elected until they are the majority.

You can see who voted for and against here.