Online Survey

how to access it

 Go to, and then click "online survey" for an english version.  It is also available in 5 other languages:

You will need to enter your email address and then wait for a link to the survey, which can take several minutes to land in your email inbox. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. Most of the questions deal with educational topics that have nothing to do with sex ed, such as financial literacy, cell phone use, science, math, etc. 

strategy for answering the survey

Only a few questions towards the end of the survey actually deal directly with the sex curriculum, parental rights, and moral issues.  Further down on this page, we will provide you with recommended answers to those questions.

There are however, several other questions that aren’t directly related to sex ed, but nonetheless, are worth answering in a strategic manner because they allow you to tell the government to increase the amount of time that students and teachers spend on purely academic topics.  Further down this page, CLC provides you suggested aswers for those questions/slides as well.

The reason why this could be strategically valuable is because if we can encourage the Ministry of Education to add more class time devoted to academics, and more teacher study and prep time on the same subjects, it may have the desirable effect of squeezing out some of the sexual indoctrination and LGBT propaganda that was embedded throughout curriculum, in all subjects, not just sex ed, by Kathleen Wynne over the past 8 years or so when she was Education Minister and then Premier.

For the rest of the non-sex ed/non-morality based questions, we leave it up to you to answer how you please, or to skip those questions.

The Survey Questions...

Below are screen captures of the various questions/slides that we recommend you answer. They include CLC’s recommended responses. Please be aware that the government software causes the order of questions within each slide to change from person to person, so be sure to compare the CLC prepared slides below to what you actually see on your screen.

SLIDE – Science, Technology, and Math #1

SLIDE – Science, Technology, and Math #2

SLIDE – Science, Technology, and Math #3

SLIDE – Job Skills #1

SLIDE – Job Skills #2

SLIDE – Testing #1

If done properly, EQAO testing can be an asset to the parental rights movement. It has served as a good measure of the negative impact on student math scores caused, we believe, by the injection of politially-driven, non-academic topics into the curriculum, such as LGBT ideology and so-called "social justice" topics.

During the past decade of Liberal rule under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, EQAO standardized test scores revealed a remarkable pattern. Over that period, while the homosexualization and politicization of the school curriculum increased steadily every year, we witnessed EQAO math scores go in the opposite direction. While the number of hours our schools spent talking up liberal ideology was going up, EQAO math test scores were steadily falling, and consistently failed to meet the provincial minimum standards.

It has been helpful to our cause to be able to make the case that the always increasing number of hours spent discussing ideological, non-academic topics in class meant that core academic topics like math got squeezed out, because there's only so many hours available in the school week. Something has to give, and it has been academic learning that always suffered. 

SLIDE – Testing #2

Note: If teachers have to spend more time administering academic testing in-class, there’ll be less time for social engineering propaganda.

SLIDE – Testing #3

Currently, standardized testing occurs in only three subjects. By increasing the number of subjects, it would help to fill up the school calendar with purely academic activities, thus leaving less time for social engineering by activist teachers and staff.

SLIDE – Testing #4

Leftists hate EQAO testing and have been trying to eliminate it for all the same reasons that we love it. Therefore, the marxist teachers unions and LGBTTIQ2S+ activists will likely be choosing the second option. If they can get rid of EQAO testing, there will be no objective evidence that all their left-wing activism in the classroom is actually causing students' academic learning to deteriorate.

SLIDE – Financial Literacy

Once again, we hope to subtract by adding. That is, by adding more financial literacy material into the curriculum, the liberal ideology will get squeezed out.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #1

The slide below is the first one that will be directly related to sex ed. 

CLC recommends selecting NO to every question.  Although some of the items, at first blush, would appeart to be things we want to be taught, such as “The role of love and commitment in intimacy”, upon closer inspection, one recognizes that the wording is ambiguous and could have many interpretations.  For instance, parents have consistently told us that they want the curriculum to teach that sexuality is grounded in love and “marriage”, not love and “commitment in intimacy”.  The words “commitment” and “intimacy” could be twisted so as to justify continuing to teach problematic elements of the Wynne curriculum. 

Ditto for the mention of “making good choices” contained in brackets within the ONLINE SAFETY question. If you choose Yes to this question, the bureaucrats could justify, for example, bringing into the schools radical “experts” like Planned Parenthood or LGBT groups, who claim to help students “make healthy choices”.

In order to give the government your feedback on these topics, you can still do so via the 2nd and 3rd consultation vehicles, which are the OPEN SUBMISSION FORM and EMAIL SUBMISSION, respectively.  By providing your own detailed comments to those topics in methods 2 and 3, instead of answering the survey question with a Yes, you will deprive the government bureaucrats of the ability to claim, “Look, the majority of parents said they support helping children make good choices. That’s what we’re doing by keeping this controversial lesson from the Wynne curriculum”.

You might be tempted to answer YES and to choose a higher grade level for some of these topics, in the hope that it might help move up the lesson a couple of grades. If you are going to do that however, we ask you to choose the highest AGE possible of 15+.  See example below.

The reason why is because the pro-radical sex ed supporters who fill out the survey will be choosing the LOWEST possible age, since, of course, their goal is precisely to sexualize children as young as possible.The government will likely take an average of all the responses. So if the union and LGBT activists are choosing 5 years old, and you choose 15+, you can push the average up. 

However, we implore you to definitely choose NO for these questions:  Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Contraceptive Options, Consent, and Various Forms of Family Structures.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #2

This is the second slide directly related to sex ed. Please answer as shown below to ensure that the final result ends up stating that Ontarians only trust parents as a source of sexual health information.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #3

This slide isn’t terribly important. However, body image/body shape (e.g. being fat or skinny) is the #1 reason why kids are bullied at school. Perhaps drawing this conclusion out in the survey may help put the focus of anti-bullying programs in schools where they truly belong.

For more than a decade now, school anti-bullying programs have been used merely as a Trojan horse, propaganda vehicle to normalize homosexuality in the minds of the next generation.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #4

Answer NO because the phrase “safe cannabis use” sends the wrong message. It gives the impression that marijuana can be a relatively safe substance to consume. It is not. With the exception of genuine medical applications, it's a dangerous and addictive, narcotic, which nobody should ever use, most especially minors.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #5

Choose only "Resources for parents to use with their children".

Many of the “community partners” to which the Ministry of Education and local school boards currently refer children as “support resources” include radical, left-wing organizations, including Planned Parenthood and a plethora of LGBT-focused “support groups”. We want the government to stop using those “partners”.

SLIDE – Health & Physical Education Curriculum #6

Adding more lessons of a non-sexual nature to the Health curriculum, like distracted driving, may help squeeze out some of the controversial stuff about sex. 

SLIDE – Parents’ Bill of Rights

The following open-ended question is super important. DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK.

Please fill the box in with the following 6 principles.  If possible, put them in your own words. 

1. All schools must give parents sufficient advance notice about upcoming sex education lessons, or other discussions, guest speakers, and school-wide awareness campaigns that may touch upon sex and sexuality.

2. Parent have the right to withdraw their children from any lesson or presentation that the parents deem controversial or which may undermine the family’s religious beliefs.  

3. Advance notification and opt-out rights must be enforced even in hostile school boards like the TCDSB and HWCSB, which may try to circumvent the Parents' Bill of Rights by claiming that lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism are not “sex education” per se, but rather “human rights education”, and somehow, therefore, off-limits to parents.  These parental rights must be absolute.

4. Parents must be informed and give consent for their child to join any co-curricular or extra-curricular student club, including but not limited to, Gay-Straight Alliance clubs (GSAs) and anti-bullying clubs.

5. Parental notification and consent is required for all health-related services available to their minor children.  This shall be understood to include all health services whether of a physical, emotional or mental nature.

6. Parents are the primary educators of children, and this cannot be abrogated by the Education System.