Action plan - medium term

Phase II Action Plan to Defund Abortion in Ontario

Our CLC Youth division, has continued onto phase II of its Defund Abortion strategy. It has two main elements:

1. Pamphleting blitz in Ontario ridings

This pamphleting blitz reaches outside of the pro-life community to target voters who are likely not pro-life. It aims to wake them up to the economic drain (and human cost) of taxpayer-funded abortion.

To read the pamphlet that volunteer teams will be stuffing in mailboxes, click the image to the left.

CLC Pro-life Youth Corps teams have been organized in more than 40 different ridings. During a blitz, hundreds of households in each riding received our  Defund Abortion flyer which informs them of the economic drain caused by the procedure and which urges them to contact their MPP.

Our goal is to continue the pamphleting blitz across Ontario until we've covered all 107 provincial ridings.  If you’re a young person (or young at heart) who would like to join the pamphleting blitz campaign, or start one up in your riding, please email [email protected].

2. Petition to defund abortion

CLC Youth runs an ongoing petition campaign whereby citizens demand the defunding of abortion.

That petition drive has reached 25,000 signatures… and pages are still pouring in! Please help us reach 50,000 or even 1000,000 signatures so we can continually present them to elected MPPs for reading in the legislature.

Download the petition