Ban Planned Parenthood from Canadian schools


To: Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Education

We, concerned Canadian citizens and parents, urgently petition you to take immediate action and implement a permanent ban on Planned Parenthood in all schools across the country. We have observed with deep distress how our educational institutions have deviated from their core purpose of providing quality education to becoming platforms for the promotion of perverted and dangerous sexual practices to our innocent children.

Traditionally, schools were established to impart knowledge in reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and virtues, preparing our youth for a prosperous future. Regrettably, schools have now been hijacked by sex activists, evident in the recent incident where Planned Parenthood delivered a presentation at a Saskatchewan school. Young students were exposed to sexually explicit "Sex: from A-Z" flashcards, which provided tips on engaging in harmful and perverted acts of a sexual nature. These materials are not only vile but also potentially hazardous to the mental and physical well-being of our children.

We commend the actions taken by Minister of Education Dustin Duncan, who promptly suspended Planned Parenthood from all Saskatchewan schools. Planned Parenthood's defence of the perverted material is unacceptable and shows a lack of consideration for the welfare of young people. We firmly believe that Planned Parenthood is a threat to children's well-being and safety and should have no involvement in shaping their education.

We, the undersigned, demand that you take decisive action and permanently ban Planned Parenthood from schools. Our children's innocence and education must be protected, and we entrust you, as leaders in education, to uphold this responsibility. We urge you to prioritize the safety and innocence of our children over any affiliation with organizations that promote harmful sexual lifestyles.

Please act swiftly in response to this petition and demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of our children by permanently banning Planned Parenthood from all schools across your respective provinces/territories.


[The undersigned]

Read full CLC report here: Time to ban Planned Parenthood from Canadian schools

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