Anti-Democracy Red Deer “Catholic” Trustees Must Resign!


To: Trustees of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools who attacked democracy  

Whereas, a group of trustees literally voted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 to undo the results of a democratic election by taking it upon themselves to circumvent democracy by “un-electing” Trustee Monique LaGrange.  

And whereas, in doing so, these trustees robbed Red Deer Catholic parents and voters of their right to hire, fire or re-hire their elected representatives every four years at election time, as they see fit;  

And whereas, Trustees Anne Marie Watson, Murray Hollman, Cynthia Leyson and Sharla Heistad took the unprecedented and disgraceful action of nullifying the results of a democratic election by weaponizing a never-before-used provision of the Education Act to remove a duly-elected trustee from the RDCRS Board, while Trustee Dorraine Lonsdale helped bring it about by initiating sanctions;  

And whereas, this anti-democratic action by the five trustees is tantamount to disenfranchising voters, rendering their ballots meaningless, and attacking the very essence of democracy;  

And whereas, the only individuals who should be allowed to fire a trustee if they don’t like her job performance is the voters themselves, at the next election;  

And whereas, these autocratic Trustees were so brazen in their assault on democracy because they wanted to silence a faithful Catholic Trustee who was doing the job her constituents elected her for, which is to safeguard the Catholic education system, which was being undermined by LGBT classroom indoctrination; 

And whereas these five trustees forsook their oath, and should have joined Trustee LaGrange in calling out LGBT brainwashing in Catholic schools, instead of persecuting her for it;  

Therefore, we the undersigned, demand that Anne Marie Watson, Murray Hollman, Cynthia Leyson, Dorraine Lonsdale, and Sharla Heistad resign immediately from their positions as Trustees with the RDCRS. 


For background info on the Monique LaGrange situation, click here.

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Jul 4, 2024 - 07:57pm
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May 6, 2024 - 12:06pm
Helen G. Ottawa, ON
May 2, 2024 - 11:20am
Anonymous Winnipeg, MB
Apr 6, 2024 - 08:41pm
Such a disgrace, especially for a Catholic school board.
Cindi B. Ste Rose du Lac, MB
Apr 5, 2024 - 08:44pm
Margaret A. Strathroy., ON
Mar 28, 2024 - 02:51pm
Elizabeth and Malcolm A. Scarborough, ON
Mar 27, 2024 - 02:49pm
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Mar 21, 2024 - 10:33am
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Mar 11, 2024 - 03:27pm
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william r. Carleton Place, ON
Feb 5, 2024 - 12:24pm