Poll on defunding

Majority of Ontarians oppose taxpayer funding of abortion

Press release - TORONTO, Oct. 13, 2011 - The majority of Ontarians oppose taxpayer funding of abortion according to a poll commissioned by Campaign Life Coalition, LifeSiteNews.com, and The Interim. More than six in ten Ontarians oppose the status quo of paying for all abortions in the province while just three in ten support subsidizing this unnecessary, elective surgery.

According to an Abacus Data poll, 40 per cent of respondents think abortion should be available but only funded in medical emergencies, while 11 per cent think abortion should be available but never funded, and 10 per cent do not think abortion should be available at all. In contrast, 30% think abortion should be available and always funded. Another 8 per cent said none of those positions match their view.

“The poll supports the common-sense view that taxpayers should not be paying for the lifestyle choices people make” said Alissa Golob, Director of Campaign Life Coalition Youth, which is organizing a Defund Abortion Rally at Queen’s Park on October 22. “Many physicians have reiterated the fact that no medical or health benefit exists in an elective surgery such as abortion, which is evidence enough not to fund a procedure whereby the (medical necessity) is highly contested.”

“The poll results show that a clear majority opposes the status quo of taxpayer funding for all abortions, proving that politicians should not be afraid to address abortion defunding.” said Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition. “What politician or political party will have the guts to stand up for taxpayers and accountability to resist paying for the personal choice to destroy an unborn human being?” asked Hughes.

The poll also found that 48 per cent want all abortion information – statistics about the number of abortions and how much they cost – to be publicly disclosed, while just 21 per cent do not think these figures need to be released. Furthermore, a whopping 91 per cent of respondents had no idea that the province spends at least $30 million on abortion. This is no doubt tied to the fact that Ontario does not release these numbers. “The abortion industry does not want Ontarians to know that abortion is the most common surgery in Canada. People would be shocked if they knew how many abortions are committed in Canada.” added Golob.

To view the full report by polling company, Abacus Data, click here.