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Parliament complicit with sex-selective abortions

Toronto, March. 28, 2013 - Campaign Life Coalition is appalled by the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs’ decision to reject MP Mark Warawa’s (Langley) appeal to overturn a subcommittee’s anti-democratic ruling on Motion 408 as non-votable. This outrageous move is a clear attack on the rights of private members and sets a precedent that will have a negative impact on all future private members’ business.

"The decision to crush M-408 is proof that Harper will go to any extreme to distance himself from any reference to abortion, even if that means compromising on democracy," said Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition. "Mark Warawa is to be praised for his courage in standing up for private members rights and for his commitment to condemning the lethal discrimination of women and girls."

"Our government’s refusal to even have a discussion on condemning the discrimination against girls is disgraceful," said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer for Campaign Life Coalition. "Canada stands with China and India, countries with widespread gendercide, as the most dangerous place for pre-born girls in the world."

Campaign Life Coalition supports Warawa’s appeal to the whole House of Commons and we urge MP’s to allow a democratic debate on this issue. With or without M-408, 92% of Canadians are opposed to sex-selective abortions, and this issue will not go away just because Stephen Harper does not want to discuss it.

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