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Toronto, July 12, 2019 –  The film Unplanned, which tells the story of Abby Johnson’s journey from her life working inside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility to becoming one of the most committed voices of the pro-life movement, hits Canadian theatres today, Friday, July 12.

“Exactly two months after Abby Johnson and film co-producer Lisa Wheeler announced that Unplanned was coming to Canada at a Campaign Life Coalition press conference in Ottawa, Canadians across the country will finally have the opportunity to witness for themselves this life-changing film starting tonight,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “The team behind Unplanned have been working tirelessly to bring this film to Canadians, and with the help of Canadian pro-life grassroots efforts, it is finally here.”

Leading up to the opening weekend, the film has already given Canadians the opportunity to see the true face of abortion activists in this country who rely on scare tactics and violent threats to cinema owners and moviegoers in trying to stop this film from coming to Canada. Additionally, the film has also faced negative reactions from pro-abortion Members of Parliament, and even the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

“The opposition to this movie by pro-abortion politicians and abortion activists has been a great indicator that they are terrified of the movie’s power to influence public opinion,” said Josie Luetke, CLC Youth Coordinator. “They would prefer to keep Canadians in the dark about the grisly business of abortion and the suffering it causes women and abortion workers who are seeking a way out of the industry. It’s about time Canadians see what Abby saw that changed everything.”

*For the full list of theatre locations, go to Abby Johnson and filmmakers Cary Soloman and Chuck Konzelman are also available for media interviews via Lisa Wheeler (media contact below).

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