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Trudeau should stop using tax dollars to bully New Brunswick to funding private abortion

Ottawa, August 4, 2021 – Campaign Life Coalition strongly condemns the Government of Canadas move to fund pro-abortion organizations across the country to the tune of $45 million in taxpayer money so that these groups can, in the words of the government, offer “travel and logistical support for individuals who could not otherwise access abortion services,” among other services.

“In other words, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is funding organizations that specifically target preborn Canadian children for destruction by abortion,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “How can we as Canadians tolerate a society and live in a country which we claim in our national anthem is ‘glorious and free’ when our leaders continue to fund the slaughter of our babies.”

The Trudeau government also announced this week that it would be funding research to the tune of $366,000 to determine what “barriers and restrictions” are preventing New Brunswick mothers from killing their preborn children through surgical abortions in the province. 

The announcement of the funding comes in the wake of Trudeau attempting once again to bully New Brunswick into funding the province’s only private abortion mill, Clinic 554, formerly known as the “Morgentaler Clinic.” News broke last week of Trudeau claiming to be withholding millions of dollars in healthcare transfers to the province when, in fact, the correct figure is $140,216. 

“The only research that Trudeau needs to be aware of is that abortion kills a human being every time,” said Debbie Duval, Campaign Life Coalition’s National Capital Organizer. “Abortion is not healthcare since healthcare is about healing people so they become healthy, not killing them. Abortion should not be funded by taxpayers.” 

Campaign Life Coalition holds that abortion is always something elective and therefore should not be publicly funded. 

“Doctors have strongly made the case that there’s never an instance where a mother has to kill her child to save her life,” added Duval. 

Gunnarson further commented that Trudeau is guilty of aborting away Canada’s future. 

“With our ageing population and consequent demographic catastrophe already making itself felt across our country, government resources should be poured into helping pregnant mothers receive all the support they need to keep their babies so that mother and baby can flourish together. The very future and stability of our country depend upon pro-mother and pro-baby policies being enacted right now,” he said. 

“Instead of pro-abortion organizations who are killing off Canada’s future receiving this funding, pregnancy resource centres that encourage expectant mothers to choose life and help them with food, diapers, and education once the baby is born should be receiving this funding,” he added. 

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