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Bubble zone bills in Manitoba and Saskatchewan attack pro-life free speech

HAMILTON, Ontario – Campaign Life Coalition denounces bills in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan that restrict pro-life free speech.

This week, NDP MLA and House Leader Nahanni Fontaine (St. Johns) introduced two Private Members’ Bills, 203 and 204, that would create buffer zones around abortion facilities, hospitals, and schools.

“Bill 203 seeks to strip pro-life advocates of their right to free speech and to peacefully assemble outside abortion facilities, schools, and hospitals to witness to the sanctity of human life,” said Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “Censorious ‘bubble zone’ legislation has no place in a free and democratic society.”

The Abortion Protest Buffer Zone Act seeks to create “access zones” of 50-150 metres so that pro-life advocates can no longer effectively convey their message that abortion is wrong or peacefully persuade abortion-bound women to make a different choice, such as parenting or adoption, that would save the life of their preborn child.

Bill 204, titled The Protest Buffer Zone Act, in a similar manner to Bill 203 seeks to create “buffer zones” of 50-150 metres around hospitals, schools, and other healthcare sites so as to ban protests related to COVID vaccine mandates.

“This bill is simply another assault on the free speech rights of all people in Manitoba, especially those who inform the public about the link between COVID vaccines and abortion,” said Gunnarson.   

Campaign Life Coalition also denounces the passage of a similar bill in Saskatchewan that creates 50-metre anti-free speech zones around every school in the province.

“Bill 66, titled An Act to amend The Education Act, 1995, is yet another attack on the free speech rights of people in Saskatchewan and of the pro-life and pro-family movement,” commented Gunnarson. “Moe’s government is overstepping its authority. They have no right to silence the people of Saskatchewan.”

“These bills, coupled with the recent passing of a law establishing bubble zones around hospitals in Saskatchewan, are rapidly stripping away our basic constitutional rights on freedom of assembly, religion, and expression. What we are witnessing before our eyes is the rise of a Godless, totalitarian Canada that brooks no dissent from alternative voices,” he added.

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