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CLC celebrates O'Toole’s expulsion. Ready for leadership race

Ottawa, Ontario, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) welcomes the news that Conservative MPs voted today to give party leader Erin O’Toole the boot and hold a new leadership election.

“O’Toole has time and again betrayed the party’s socially conservative base with his support for abortion, LGBT ideology, oppressive lockdowns, and liberty-destroying passports for abortion-tainted vaccines,” said Jeff Gunnarson, CLC’s National President. “It’s about time this fake conservative was given the boot.”

CLC was the first organization to call for O’Toole to resign as leader on the night of the federal election last September due to his Liberal-lite platform, his flip-flopping on conservative values, and his betrayal of the party’s base, all of which led to his disastrous performance in the election.  

Stated Gunnarson on election night after Trudeau’s win: “O’Toole needs to resign, and the party should hold a leadership review at the earliest opportunity in order to choose a leader who can bring back all the social, fiscal, and democratic conservatives who were driven away from the party by his lurch to the left.” 

Jack Fonseca, CLC’s Director of Political Operations, said that social conservatives across the country are looking for a new leader who will represent true conservative values.  

“Conservatives everywhere want a leader who will boldly and consistently stand for the sanctity of life, family, faith, and freedom,” he said. “It’s time to elect a truly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom Conservative leader.” 

Fonseca said that tyrannical COVID mandates that have stripped away citizens’ rights and freedoms have made Canadians ready to elect a conservative leader who will throw off the Liberal’s yoke of oppression and control that is destroying the country.  

“A CPC leader who truly champions conservative values is the antidote for Canada’s recovery,” he said. “With O’Toole’s expulsion, a bright blue sky has now replaced the dark grey cloud hanging over the Conservative Party. We hope that Leslyn Lewis and other pro-life contenders will enter the race.” 

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