Rick Peterson - record


Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Rick Peterson with a "D-" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  



Stance on abortion

Peterson self-identiifes as "pro-choice", but during the campaign, has adopted some pro-life policies from Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux's platforms.  



Stance on euthanasia


Willing to re-open abortion debate?


*(Note this can be assumed by virtue of Peterson having adopted some pro-life policies into his campaign platform).

Willing to enact government legislation to protect unborn children?


(Made a campaign promise that if he becomes Prime Minister he will introduce government legislation to ban female gendercide abortions. He also copied Brad Trost's policy to use the resources of the federal government to make Canada the most adoption-friendly country in the world.)

How he voted on radical bill to invent fake new rights to "gender identity" and "gender expression"

Has never voted on this issue due to the fact he is not an MP. 


Has he pledged to repeal gender identity bill if becomes Prime Minister?


(Note: In the absence of a campaign pledge to repeal the Liberal government's legislation, and in light of his self-identification as a supporter "of LGBTQ rights", it's safe to assume the candidate has no intention of repealing this dangerous bill.)

Marched in Gay Pride Parade?

Peterson sent out a campaign email saying that he "will indeed march in gay parades anywhere in Canada"

Other notable factors

Via a campaign email announcement as well as a policy posting on his website, Peterson made quite a strong outreach to social conservatives.  

He promised that a Peterson government would enact two pro-life measures (pro-adoption programs + criminalizing female gendercide abortions). This effectively copied two policies from Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux, to whom he gave credit for the good policy ideas. He also pledged that Conservative MPs in his caucus would be free to voice their opinions on abortion, and to introduce any private member's bill that they desire, including ones dealing with social issues. 

Peterson also used very strong language to assure pro-life/pro-family members that their beliefs and their voices would be respected, stating: "I will welcome those social conservative views in our Party and in our caucus with open arms". Furthermore, he slammed Kevin O'Leary for telling social conservatives at a Montreal debate to "get over" the fact that the Party under O'Leary's leadership would only tolerate socially liberal views.


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