Sarah Stewart-Clark's Record

Stewart-Clark has publicly promoted the LGBT agenda and radical transgender ideology.  She is listed as an official "ally" on the website of an LGBTTIQ activist group called The Youth Project.  

Stewart-Clark did not respond specifically to CLC's election questionnaire, but her public statements suggest that she is not pro-life, and that she supports the idea of abortion being legal for those who want it. 

This leadership candidate has also promoted a far-left organization called PEERS Alliance who recently lobbied the provincial government to impose a radical sex ed curriculum on PEI schools, which, it hopes, would teach children about "abortion care", "the range of sexual orientations and sexual behaviours", and "the spectrum of gender identities".

In order to become an eligible voting member, you must join the P.E.I. PC Party no later than 4:00pm on Friday January 18th.