Shawn Driscoll's Record

Driscoll told CLC he agrees that human life begins at conception. He appears to have some level of sympathy for the pro-life position, but unfortunately, supports abortion in cases of rape, incest and potentially other circumstances too.

If elected Premier, he would not support efforts to defund elective abortions. He told CLC, and stated publicly in interviews/debates subsequently, that, if elected Premier, he would continue to support the grotesque status quo policy of the pro-abortion Liberal Premier, Wade McLaughlin, wherein PEI taxpayers are forced to bankroll the killing of preborn children for reasons of convenience, with their hard-earned money, even where there is no medical necessity, nor any risk to the life of the mother. Even universally condemned, mysogynistic practices such as sex-selective abortions which target baby girls just because they are girls, would continue to be funded under a Driscoll PC government. Therefore, he cannot be considered truly pro-life.

Driscoll gave an ambiguous response to CLC regarding the form of homicide known as euthanasia, so it is unclear where he stands on that issue, which now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, falls within the jurisdiction of the provincial healthcare system.

On January 23rd, he made a welcome campaign promise on social media, that, as Premier, he would initiate legislation to protect the conscience rights of doctors who do not wish to participate in directly committing euthanasia, nor even indirectly, by referring their patient to another doctor who would kill them. In a subsequent January 30th interview on CBC Island Morning, he verbally expanded that conscience protection policy to medical practicioners who disagree with abortion.  Driscoll also told CLC that he supports parental rights in education. 

With greater education by, and pressure from, pro-life consituents, Driscoll could potentially be brought about to a truly pro-life position in the future. For the time being however, we cannot recommend that CLC supporters rank him on the ballot, at all. His support for continued taxpayer funding of medically unecessary abortions is a deal breaker for his candidacy. Although it may be tempting to rank a candidate who possesses some pro-life leanings as #2 on the ballot, it's in the long-term best interest of the pro-life movement to hold a higher standard for political leadership candidates. We must demonstrate that we will work hard for those who advocate our values, but that we will also withhold support from those who refuse to do so in a sufficiently meaningful way. Only by our strategic giving and/or witholding of support can we be successful in convincing political leaders to commit to the implementation of necessary, concrete, socially conservative policies.

If we were to give away our support, even as a #2 ranking, without the promise of sufficient, and solid policies in return, it would send a counter-productive message to all politicians that the pro-life vote can be bought very cheaply, without having to give social conservatives much of significance in return. That's a dangerous message to send, and a trap into which we must not fall.

In order to become an eligible voting member, you must join the P.E.I. PC Party no later than 4:00pm on Friday January 18th.