Stephen Blaney - record


Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Stephen Blaney with a "D-" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  



Stance on abortion

His voting record is mixed, with two good votes in support of pro-life legislation, but also two bad votes, against pro-life bills. Blaney has never completed CLC's pro-life questionnaire. 



Stance on euthanasia


Willing to re-open abortion debate?

(Note: In the absence of a campaign pledge saying he would reopen the abortion debate, one must assume the candidate has no intention of doing so).

Willing to enact government legislation to protect unborn children?


(Note: In the absence of a campaign pledge to bring forward pro-life government legislation, one must assume the candidate has no intention of doing so)

How he voted on radical bill to invent fake new rights to "gender identity" and "gender expression"

In favour

(He voted in favour of the Liberal government's gender identity bill, C-16.) 

Has he pledged to repeal gender identity bill if becomes Prime Minister?


*(Given his past vote on this subject, one must assume he does not look kindly upon the idea of repeal)

Marched in Gay Pride Parade?


Other notable factors

During a leadership debate, Blaney welcomed social conservatives into the party and pledged to respect their voice.


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