Voters Guide Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party Leadership

The PC Party of Nova Scotia will be holding a Leadership Convention October 26 - 27 to select a new leader.  Paid-up party members aged 14 years or older will be able to vote in advance via mail-in ballot, or in person at the convention.  The deadline to become a voting member is 5:00pm on Tuesday September 11th by joining the PC Party online.

Campaign Life Coalition endorses John Lohr for Leader of Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservative Party. 
We urge voting members to mark him as #1 on the ballot. 
Read our assessment of the 5 candidates.


John Lohr has been deemed Supportable on account of having a strong policy platform.  

His campaign platform includes several policies that are valuable to pro-life and pro-family Nova Scotians, including:

  • Introducing a bill to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who do not want to participate in euthanasia. Lohr recognizes the existing threat of punishment and coercion by the College of Physicians against conscientious objectors.
  • Opposition to Justin Trudeau's requirement that employers who seek government funding to hire summer students must sign an attestation pledging their loyalty to abortion. Lohr promised that under his leadership, the provincial version of the summer jobs program will never include a "values test". 
  • Removing provincial funding from universities that do not defend free speech. He acknowledges it is a serious problem wherein small, radical factions (read, left-wing activists) have been allowed to shut-down campus presentations by people with whom they disagree (read, conservatives and pro-lifers).

During discussions with Campaign Life Coalition, Lohr also told us that:

  • he would oppose any attempt to introduce abortion bubble zone legislation which bans peaceful pro-life expression on taxpayer-owned public sidewalks
  • in principle, he would support legislation on parental consent when minor children are seeking abortions
  • he supports parental rights in education



Here is CLC's assessment of the other four leadership candidates. Based on the information available, we cannot recommend ranking them on your ballot. 

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In order to become an eligible voting member, you must join the Nova Scotia PC Party no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday September 11th.