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Women asked to write ‘love letter’ to killer of their babies

March 9, 2023 (Campaign Life Coalition) – Imagine being asked to write a love letter to the person who murdered your child. That is what the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada recently did. In a tweet they asked: “If you were to write a love letter to abortion providers, abortion access, reproductive justice; what would it say?”

So, the pro-abortion organization is asking for a love letter to those who perform abortions. And what is an abortion? An abortion is the direct and intentional killing of an innocent preborn child followed by forcing that child’s premature birth. Women are being asked to write a love letter to the person who brutally and deliberately killed their baby.

Suppose that the mother of a one-year-old child who was murdered was told to write a letter telling her child’s killer that she loved what the killer did and thanked them for it.  Or, imagine that the mother of a one-year-old child decided that she was not in a financial situation to be able to raise a child, not qualified to be a parent, or that the child was preventing her from finishing school or achieving her goals. In these situations, would the mother be allowed to kill her child? Of course not. The reason for this is that a one-year-old child is recognized as a human deserving of protection.

But, not so the baby in the womb. Because people can’t see the humanity of the baby in the womb, they falsely conclude that this baby is not human and not deserving of protection. Therefore, many falsely believe that a mother can kill her baby in the womb for financial reasons, or if she does not want to be a parent, or if the baby is getting in the way of her achieving her goals.

But, there is no essential difference between a one-year-old born baby and a ten-week-old unborn baby in the womb. Both are fully human. Both depend on their mother for survival. Both are deserving of love and protection. The main difference is one of location: one is inside the mother’s womb; the other is outside. Preborn children are fully human, with worth and dignity as persons, and only require time to develop and grow, as they will continue to do after birth. But because preborn children are hidden, unseen and defenceless, it is somehow seen as acceptable to violently kill them, and then ask the mother who had the abortion to write a love letter to the abortionist who killed her child. It’s so twisted and demented.

Every abortion is a tragedy. Every abortion ends a human life that can never be regained or replaced. Abortion is not something to love or write a love letter about. Violently killing the most defenceless cannot ever have anything to do with love.

A mother should love and defend her child at all costs. But if a mother rejects her duty toward her child and seeks the child’s death by abortion, then that love is destroyed. And when a mother allows her own child to be killed, it deeply wounds her. Every abortion leaves a woman with a burden of grief and guilt, whether acknowledged or not. Always there, deep down in the woman’s heart, is the knowledge of having participated in the death of her own innocent child. Thus, abortion not only kills a child, but it truly harms the child’s mother.

Many women who have had abortions have shared stories of the sadness, guilt, and loss connected with abortion. Over 800 women have shared their abortion regret stories at Their stories reveal that abortion is truly a terrible experience.

So, is it not sad that women should be asked to write a love letter to the person who wounded her and changed her life forever by killing her child? There is, however, a letter that women who have had an abortion should be writing, though certainly not to an abortionist. The letter should be to her aborted baby, asking for forgiveness for having aborted him or her. A woman who has had an abortion must recognize that the abortion took the life of her child and ask the child’s forgiveness. The letter must be to the aborted baby. Only then can healing from abortion begin.

Healing and forgiveness after the traumatic experience of abortion can be found, but never through hiding the true nature of abortion by pretending that it is something a love letter should be written about.