Catholic Trustees

The primary purpose of Catholic education is to assist Catholic parents in the task of forming their children in the image of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it is to inculcate in children the knowledge of, love of, and fidelity to, Jesus and the official teachings of the Catholic faith.

Today there are many voices who claim that a primary objective of Catholic education (beyond simple academic knowledge) is to promote "diversity" and "equity". Unfortunately, those terms have been politically-twisted. They no longer resemble their original meaning, and now conceal a subversive agenda to undermine Catholic moral and sexual teaching.

Unfortunately, many Canadian Catholic school boards have accepted curriculum, speakers and resources which contradict Catholic teaching, principally in the area of human sexuality. We also hear complaints from some  teachers within the system who say that even the most fundamental Catholic Christian beliefs are no longer taught. We have heard from Catholic priests who complain they are no longer invited into the classroom to address students, and when they seek permission, they encounter roadblocks.

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