Municipal Elections

Municipal levels


Province Election Date
Alberta October 18, 2021
Northwest Territories (taxed communities) October 17, 2022
Yukon October 21, 2021
Saskatchewan (cities, (southern) towns and villages November 13, 2024
Ontario October 23, 2022
Manitoba October 26, 2022
Prince Edward Island  November 7, 2022
British Columbia  October 15, 2022
Nunavut (hamlets)  October 23, 2023
Northwest Territories (hamlets)  October 18, 2021
New Brunswick May 10, 2021
Nova Scotia October 19, 2024
Newfoundland and Labrador September 27, 2021
Quebec November 7, 2021


Mayor Councillors School Board

Crucial moment for voter participation

The municipal level of elections is extremely important to issues of life, family and faith, although it is often ignored by voters, and even by pro-lifers.

A large percentage of federal MP’s and provincial MPP's start their careers in municipal politics. For example, of the current federal members of parliament, at least 20% began their careers in municipal politics serving as councilors, mayors and school trustees.

The fact is, the school trustees of today are the very MP's who tomorrow will decide whether to continue propping up Canada's murderous abortion regime... or to finally grant legal protection to all human beings as justice demands.

The fact is, the city councilors of today are the provincial MPP's who tomorrow will decide to finally end the ludicrous policy of forcing pro-life citiizens to pay for abortion with their own tax dollars... or, who will decide to continue this bizarro-world, nightmare situation.

The fact is, today's small-town mayors of today are tomorrow's MP's who will restore the true definition of marriage in Canadian law... or continue bad social policy that is undermining the institution of the Family itself and legitimizing the indoctrination of our children with anti-family, anti-Christian values imposed in the classroom.

To the same extent that we ignore this level of elections, we ignore a powerful avenue to place Godly men and women in positions of authority.

Inform Us

We need your help to identify which municipal races are important. If you have information about an elected representative or candidate, please share it with us. Visit our All-Candidates Meetings and Candidate Evaluations sections to learn how else you can help inform us.