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Saskatchewan Respects Parental Rights

The news out of Saskatchewan this past Tuesday was like a breath of fresh air. It is now the second province to step up and provide some added protections for children against the menace of transgenderism.

Following the lead of New Brunswick, Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan has put in place a new parental consent and inclusion policy that safeguards vulnerable and impressionable children under age 16.

Dustin Duncan, Saskatchewan Education Minister
Above: Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan

This policy requires schools to obtain parental permission when children under age 16 want to change their name or the gender pronouns used to address them. It forbids the concealment of a child’s life-altering decision to “transition”, preventing that child from leading a schizophrenic double-life at school. It wisely recognizes that families, not bureaucrats, must have the final say when it comes to the values and beliefs of children.

This policy also directs that parents must be informed about the content of health lessons and have the option to opt-out their children ahead of time.

In a letter to all School Board Chairmen, Mr. Duncan writes, “The primary response to a student who raises a controversial issue will be to refer that student to family to clarify personal and family beliefs. Further counsel offered to a student will be considered only with expressed, written parental/guardian consent.”

This new family-friendly policy comes on the heels of a controversy that erupted in June, when grade nine students at a high school in Lumsden, Saskatchewan were provided with a deck of pornographic cards normalizing various immoral sex acts and fetishes. Those cards were made available in a presentation by Planned Parenthood, America’s largest preborn-baby-killing business.

Once word got out about those vile cards, parents were outraged and demanded action. Parents wondered why this abortion killing business should get unfettered access to corrupt our children. In response, Mr. Duncan suspended Planned Parenthood from all Saskatchewan schools and announced a complete policy review of the province’s health curriculum.

At a time in history when the forces of debauchery seem to be at the peak of their power, it is hopeful and heartening to see the tide begin to turn – at least in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. We would only pray that other provinces follow suit – especially those provinces led by “conservative” governments, like Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and PEI.

Please join me in taking a moment to send a message of gratitude to Dustin Duncan, the Saskatchewan Education Minister, as well as to Premier Scott Moe. They need to know that their courageous stand for the children of their province is greatly appreciated. They also need to be encouraged to do even more to keep kids safe from grooming, sexualization, and LGBT indoctrination. They need to put family values first.

Email Dustin Duncan: [email protected]

Email Scott Moe: [email protected]

In your message of gratitude, please also encourage the Saskatchewan government to go even further in protecting all children and promoting family values in schools.