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Alberta Needs a Parents’ Bill of Rights

Last Friday, amidst fierce opposition from pro-LGBT politicians and their media darlings, Saskatchewan handily passed its flagship Parents’ Bill of Rights, which recognizes the right of parents to “act as the primary decision-maker with respect to the pupil’s education”. This is an historic pro-family win, which we need to repeat in every other province, starting with Alberta.

Alberta, under United Conservative Premier Danielle Smith, could easily pass its own version of Saskatchewan’s parental rights law. Popular opinion is strongly on our side, with 78% of Albertans agreeing that parents must be involved in the gender identity decisions of their children at school. The recent Million Person Marches across the country also prove the time is ripe for politicians to start listening to parents’ concerns.

Say NO to Sexualization

The Saskatchewan Parents’ Bill of Rights explicitly requires schools to secure parental consent before students under 16 can adopt the woke fad of changing their “gender identity” or “gender pronouns”. That means little Johnny can’t pretend to be “Jenny” and force classmates to indulge his fantasy without his parents knowing and agreeing. This ensures parental authority is respected, family values are prioritized over state values, and students are better protected from falling prey to LGBT grooming and woke ideological nonsense.

Saskatchewan’s law comes on the heels of an educational policy review in New Brunswick that established parental consent for student name and pronoun changes in public schools in that province. However, Saskatchewan’s law goes much further, enshrining a broad array of parental rights.

Additionally, in order to cement this pro-family gain, Saskatchewan has proactively invoked the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Constitution in its legislation. This will pre-empt any frivolous legal challenges, safeguarding the rights of parents and the safety of students from the whims of pro-LGBT activist judges.

It would be wise and prudent for Alberta to follow Saskatchewan’s lead and enshrine parental rights with the pre-emptory invocation of the notwithstanding clause. A line in the sand must be drawn: Parental rights are non-negotiable!

Please take a moment to use our Action Alert Tool to send a quick email to your Alberta MLA, calling on them to create a Parents’ Bill of Rights like Saskatchewan has done.

With the annual general meeting of the United Conservative Party coming up on November 3 and 4, now is the perfect time to inform our political leaders of the issue of parental rights and make them aware of the strong public support behind it. Premier Smith has said, “I want to see how the debate goes [on this issue] and then we’ll make some decisions once we see whether or not it passes [at the annual general meeting].”

Let’s send Mrs. Smith a message that is loud and clear: Parents, not the government, have the right and responsibility to direct the education and upbringing of their children. That’s why the voters of Alberta demand a bulletproof Parents’ Bill of Rights, secured by the notwithstanding clause.

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