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Kitchener Centre - Ontario

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Name Stephen Woodworth
Nicholas Wendler
Raj Saini
Susan Cadell
(New Democrat)
Rating by CLC: Pro-life, pro-familyPro-abortionPro-abortion, anti-traditional marriagePro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage
Questionnaire Candidate Responses
(from Election Year 2015)
Do you believe that life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yes (from 2008)------
If elected, will you strive to introduce and pass laws to protect unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? Yes (from 2008)No (based on party policy)No (based on Trudeau edict)No (per party policy)
If elected, would you support all legislative or policy proposals that would result in a meaningful increase of respect and protection for unborn human life? Yes (from 2008)No (based on party policy)No (based on Trudeau edict)No (per party policy)
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: Medical treatments to save the life of a mother and which result in the UNINTENDED death of her unborn child, are NOT abortions. Eg. in case of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) No (from 2008)All circumstance (based on party policy)All circumstances (based on Trudeau edict)All circumstances (per party policy)
If elected, will you oppose any legislative or regulatory measures designed to permit the deliberate euthanasia of a human being or designed to permit "doctor-assisted suicide"? Yes (from 2008)------
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