Federal Elections

Time to win our country back

Will Canadians send Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government packing in the next election, or will we continue living under the boot-heel of the prime minister’s anti-life, anti-family regime?

Tyranny Under Trudeau

Since coming to power, Trudeau (a self-professed “Catholic”) has shown he’s fully committed to promoting a globalist agenda aimed at destroying the family – the very foundation of Western Civilization – by unabashedly promoting socialist and communist ideologies.

Trudeau is an abortion absolutist who even recanted his past “personally prolife stance” and said he is no longer personally pro-life, but unreservedly supportive of child-murder abortions as a good, in and of itself. As Prime Minister, he has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to ensure more babies are killed overseas.

Infamously, on March 8, 2017, against the backdrop of International Women’s Day, the prime minister announced Canada will spend $650 million to promote abortion in developing countries. Since then, he as increased that figure to $1.4 billion dollars.

You have to let the figure sink in because it’s too unbelievable to wrap your head around: Canada will spend  almost one and a half a billion taxpayer dollars on abortion, radical sex-ed, contraception, and lobbying African countries where abortion is currently illegal, to change their laws.

Trudeau claims all of this is somehow “advancing feminism” even though it’s resulting in the deaths of millions of baby girls in the womb.

There’s no telling what kind of damage this abuse of power will cause to families and how it will sap the lifeblood of so many other nations.

This ideological colonialism must stop.

Under Trudeau’s lead, on the other end of life, Canada opened the floodgates to euthanasia.

The dam broke in June of 2016. That’s when Bill C-14 received Royal Ascent and became law, legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

Fast forward to 2020 and Trudeau’s Liberals began their quest to expand the killing with Bill C-7.

The legislation is designed to move Canada one step closer to having euthanasia-on-demand. Introduced by Justice Minister David Lametti, it proposes a number frightening changes to the existing laws:

  • People who are not actually dying will be eligible to demand a lethal injection. This includes anyone living with a disability, illness, or psychological condition that is treatable or even curable. The only criterion is that the person experiences “physical or psychological suffering that is,” according to his/her subjective perspective, “intolerable”.
  • A person whose death is “reasonably foreseeable” can be euthanized immediately – on the spot – without being given any time to reconsider. The existing minimum 10 days waiting period before the request to be killed can be actioned, will be eliminated.
  • The “final consent” currently required by law immediately before the euthanasia killing is committed, just in case the person has changed their mind or is having second thoughts, will be eliminated.
  • The current safeguard of requiring two independent, unpaid witnesses to the written euthanasia request will be reduced to just one witness. That single witness can now be “a paid professional person or health care worker”.

By all accounts, this prime minister has worked hard to establish a legacy of legalized murder.

In addition, Trudeau never seems to miss an opportunity to prove his loyalty to the LGBT cause, marching in homosexual pride parades across the country, but it goes further than that.

How? The introduction of Bill C-6.

This is the anti-“conversion therapy” legislation that’s currently making its way through Parliament. Similar versions of this bill have been spreading across Canada at the provincial and municipal levels, but this one is especially troubling because of its scope and force.

Trudeau’s proposed ban on so-called “Conversion Therapy” is an unprecedented assault on civil rights, religious freedom and Christianity itself.

If passed, Bill C-6 will jail parents for affirming gender-confused children in the sex they were born, pastors for providing spiritual guidance, and therapists for counselling clients who voluntarily ask for help with unwanted sexual feelings.

The list of Trudeau’s grievances is growing, but it won’t be long before Canadians get the chance to make a difference and vote him out of power.

Stay Informed

According to Elections Canada, the date for the next federal election will be on or before October 16, 2023.

In the meantime, please continue visiting Campaign Life Coalition’s website as we get closer to the election date for more details and analysis.

How to Cast Your Ballot

For now, you can check out www.voteprolife.ca website to see the current MP ratings and candidates from last election, along with a Party Platform Comparison chart from the last election.

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