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Postponed - Defund Abortion Rally at Queen's Park, Toronto


ALERT: Defund Abortion Rally postponed due to Hurricane Sandy super storm
Posted:  October 29, 2012   11:30am

We regret to inform you that because of the super storm caused by Hurricane Sandy, CLC Youth is postponing the Defund Abortion Rally at Queen's Park which was scheduled for tomorrow, October 30th.

Forecasted winds of 80 to 100 km per hour and up to 75mm of rain make it potentially unsafe to travel to Queen's Park, especially for out of town Ontarians.  The extreme weather also poses a risk of damage to sound equipment.

The major Defund Abortion Rally will be postponed until prorogation ends and the legislature sits again, which is expected to be in the spring.  While rescheduling is not ideal, it is prudent to safeguard the health and safety of our supporters.  Another benefit is that having the rally after prorogation ends will mean that MPPs will be present at Queen's Park to see and hear the rally first-hand.

press release by Campaign Life Coalition Youth was sent to the media out today.  In the meantime, continue to lobby your Ontario MPP by email, phone and in-person on the issue of defunding abortion. Their contact info is available here. Talking points are available in our main brochure.



Original Article

Earlier this month, we organized Defund Abortion mini-rallies in 44 ridings across the province. These events were designed to create community awareness and put pressure on local MPPs, leading up to a collective rally on October 30th where we will tell Ontario's elected representatives to stop spending public tax dollars on abortion - a medically unecessary procedure.

Last year, our first-ever Defund Abortion Rally at Ontario's legislature drew over 2000 pro-lifers. The spirited event called on the assembled legislature to ease financial pressure on our crumbling health care system by defunding elective abortion which is a medically unecessary procedure.

Incredible guest speakers, including a medical doctor and families who have been declined OHIP coverage for a variety of genuine health problems, spoke eloquently about the dire need to for our collapsing health care system to fund only genuine health problems, rather than controversial lifestyle choices. 

Last year's event drew significant media attention, and we know from speaking to some MPPs, that it impacted them. Since that rally, an election took place and many new MPPs have been elected. This year, we want to make the 2nd annual Defund Abortion Rally even larger. Please mark your calendar. Bring your friends and family! Why not organize a bus trip from your church? Please help us make a huge impression upon Ontario's legislature. 

  • Location and parking details, here.
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CLC Youth, the organizers of the Defund Abortion Rally, is employing various strategies to advance the defund objective. We have gathered thousands of signatures on a Defund Abortion petition that will be presented to Ontario's Members of Provincial Parliament.  Please download a blank petition, get as many signatures as possible, and return them to Campaign Life Coalition Youth, Attention: Alissa Golob.



Ontarians will send our newly elected provincial government a message:  STOP using our hard-earned tax dollars to fund the killing of innocent preborn children.

Campaign Life Coalition Youth holds the position that government-funded abortions are a blatant abuse of tax dollars, are severely unjust, and that these funds can and MUST be directed away from the killing of our preborn children. This is an issue that should be held close to the hearts of young people in particular. We did not have a choice to stand-up against the Morgentaler decision, but we have a choice now. Let’s use it. We are the survivors and it’s our job to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. 


Excerpts from the Canadian Physicians for Life stance on de-funding of abortion:   

Abortion is not an essential medical service. It is designated "medically necessary" for purely social and political, not medical, reasons. Pregnancy is not an "injury, illness or disease." There is no proof that abortion improves health. In fact it disrupts a normal physiological process, poses a risk to the mother, and ends the life of her developing child. There is no "medical necessity" where no medical benefit or health risk exists.”

“To justify funding of a service, the medical necessity and therapeutic value of that service should be undisputed. “

“If the federal government had any confidence that a majority of Canadians wish to see abortion funded by the taxpayer, it could easily prove so in a referendum. Without such a democratic affirmation of national support for free abortions, the government should at least respect the diversity of provincial government approaches to abortion funding."

 Taken from An Open Letter to Canada's Health Minister Honourable Allan Rock found here.