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UPDATE: Sam Oosterhoff fends off coup by PC Party establishment

10:30pm Tuesday March 7: We're pleased to report that the socially conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff won his second nomination battle tonight in the redistributed riding of Niagara West. As per the CLC statement below, the PC Party's increasingly left-wing establishment had tried to oust the pro-life MPP by running the Party's Vice President against him. Thankfully, the establishment's coup was unsuccessful. The grassroots of the Party in Niagara West wanted their so-con MPP and made that clear tonight, with a whopping, lopsided victory of 903 votes to Quirk's 313.

We congratulate MPP Oosterhoff on this big win, and on what what will surely be a long and impressive career.  We also want to thank the hundreds of Campaign Life Coalition supporters in Niagara West who responded to our call-to-action to join the PC Party so as to become eligible to participate in Sam's nomination.


*************ORIGINAL STATEMENT FROM MARCH 6****************

Let's re-nominate MPP Sam Oosterhoff in Niagara West!

Sam is under attack from the PC Party establishment!

They're trying to push Sam out of the PC caucus for the same reasons we love him... he's unapologetically pro-life and pro-family.

The game being played is clear: get rid of the so-con.

Campaign Life Coalition is urging all residents of the Niagara West riding who are registered members of the provincial PC Party, to show up at the nomination meeting and to vote for Sam Oosterhoff. If you joined the PCs by February 20, 2017, you're eligible to vote at the upcoming nomination meeting. It means you can help ensure Sam's strong social conservative voice remains at Queen's Park.

Like all of us here at Campaign Life Coalition, we're sure that you've also been made proud by young Sam Oosterhoff. He's stood by his principles as a pro-life/pro-family MPP despite pressure to conform to the liberal-progressive culture of death.  

In spite of the relentless, hate-filled attacks by the mainstream media over Sam's socially conservative values, the young MPP has never backed down, retreated, or apologized for his beliefs as a person of faith, and a man of reason.


Help us re-elect MPP Sam Oosterhoff in your riding of Niagara West!

The nomination meeting will be on Tuesday, March 7 to select the candidate who will run in the riding of Niagara West in the next provincial election in 2018.  CLC is concerned that without your support, MPP Oosterhoff may lose the nomination. Don't let that happen!

It took tremendous effort on the part of many CLC supporters, and the pro-life community in general, to get pro-lifer Sam Oosterhoff elected to the Ontario Legislature last November, and his presence there as a socially conservative voice is too precious to lose. If you are a PC member in that riding, we need you to cast a vote for the sanctity of life and family on March 7th, by voting for MPP Sam Oosterhoff!


Voting Details

DATE: Tuesday, March 07, 2017

TIMING:  Doors open: 5:30pm   Speeches: 5:30pm   Registration & Voting: 6:00pm-9:00pm

LOCATION:  West Niagara Agricultural Centre,  7402 Mud Street West,  Grassie, ON,  L0R 1M0     view map


Tony Quirk makes disturbing commments to local newspaper

The candidate being pushed by the establishment to try to unseat Oosterhoff is Tony Quirk. CLC actually endorsed him, along with Sam, in the previous nomination contest that Sam won. At that time, we interviewed Tony and deemed him to be pro-life. 

However, in this week's edition of The Voice, a local newspaper, Tony has given us cause for concern. He seems to attack Sam over the latter's social conservative values.  You be the judge, and read the article for yourself, 
here (pages 1 and 3).

Voting Procedure

1. To be eligible to vote at the nomination meeting, you must be a paid up member of the PC Party of Ontario as of February 20, 2017.

2. You must be in the building by 9:00pm to register and vote - there will be no exceptions.

3. Photo identification and proof of address will be requested at registration.
CLC asks you to please mark your ballot for Sam Oosterhoff only. Please do not mark the name of any other candidate on your ballot.

Let's ensure that Sam wins. If you will attend the nomination meeting on March 7th to vote for him, please 
email us to let us know.