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Brad Trost slams Trudeau for pledging $650M to abort African children

As per the statement below, our tireless pro-life advocate, Brad Trost, has slammed Justin Trudeau's plan to spend $650 million of our scarce tax dollars to kill babies in Africa through abortion. If you haven't already joined the Conservative Party of Canada in order to vote for Brad Trost as its next Leader, please do so now by clicking here.  

March 8, 2017
Trost calls on Conservative Leadership Candidates to defend Harper Gov’t maternal health legacy
OTTAWA – Conservative Leadership Candidate and Saskatoon-University MP Brad Trost called on Justin Trudeau, today, to cancel his announcement of $650 million to fund abortion internationally. Trost also asked all Conservative leadership candidates to defend the Harper Government's legacy of promoting maternal health.
Said Brad Trost, “I call on Justin Trudeau to reverse his announcement, today, and cancel $650 million to fund abortion internationally over the next three years. Millions of women and girls around the world need better health care and maternal health assistance, not abortion. I also call on all Conservative leadership candidates to defend the Harper Government legacy of promoting maternal health.”
Justin Trudeau is making it clear that his agenda is not better health care nor maternal health in developing countries. Justin’s agenda is to promote abortion, not health care, even in countries where abortion is illegal and is not supported by people who live in these countries.
“Justin Trudeau is a cultural imperialist who is engaging in the new colonialism of pushing a radical leftist world view agenda by way of Canadian foreign policy. As Prime Minister, I will immediately cancel all funding for international abortion and fund, instead, basic health care and maternal health,” added Brad Trost.
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