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Help Mary Wagner: give a character reference

Mary Wagner is the peaceful pro-life heroine who, inspired by Linda Gibbons, has already spent a cumulative five years in jail for witnessing at Toronto abortion facilities on behalf of preborn human rights.

On September 12th, she will face a sentencing hearing where the Crown is asking the Honorable Justice Eric N. Libman to throw the book at her, with an 18 month prison sentence, for the offense of mischief.

Justice Libman stated during the trial’s close on August 15 that he will acceptcharacter references concerning Mary and will take them into consideration in his sentencing decision.

Campaign Life Coalition is asking supporters to write a letter of character reference to the judge.

According to LifeSiteNews, Mary Wagner herself welcomes letters from the public, “not just for my own character but in support of the unborn”.

A unique approach to pro-life witnessing

Mary’s pro-life witnessing takes the approach of going into the abortuary waiting room, gently offering pregnant mothers a rose, and trying to speak to them about alternatives to abortion, including crisis pregnancy support.

However, the abortion facility staff always call the police on Mary to prevent their “customers” from changing their minds. As a result, Mary is charged with trespassing and “mischief”.

Mary believes that she is not breaking the law by entering these killing centres, due to the fact that any law which protects a business that is solely devoted to killing children is not a “legitimate law”.

Even Justice Libman, in his verdict, admitted that Mary “believed she was upholding the law in the manner in which she acted”, reported LifeSiteNews from the courtroom. Libman also admitted that “She wished to reach out in love, support them” and let them know they would have help if they brought a child into the world.

Campaign Life Coalition agrees with Mary that laws which protect those who kill children, and at the same time jail those who speak out for the human rights of those children, are unjust. Mary deserves praise, not prison.

If you’re interested in helping Mary Wagner with a letter of character reference, especially if you have met her or heard her speak, please address your letter to “Honorable Justice Eric N. Libman” in the salutation, and mail it to us by September 8th at the following mailing address:

Mary Wagner
c/o Campaign Life Coalition
Suite 300, 104 Bond Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 1X9

If you or someone you know is post-abortive, or perhaps even survived an abortion attempt, that experience would also be a valuable testimony to share with the judge.

Thank you for your support of this brave pro-life activist.