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Speaking the Truth isn't easy, but it's necessary

In just three weeks, I am heading to Halifax to participate in the Conservative Party annual convention and along with our Vice President, Jeff Gunnarson, lead a Campaign Life team made up of staff and volunteers.

There, we will do our best to stop the efforts of a very loud minority of red Tories, and abortion and LGBT activists within the party, who are determined to reject our pro-life and pro-family policies and to separate the party from its natural base; social conservative Canadians, the traditional backbone of the party.  

We will not let them do to the Conservative Party what they did to the Liberal Party of Canada, and what they are doing to our society at large.

We will stand up for traditional family values, we will stand up for the sanctity of life, and for our fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion, of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

Two years ago, at the convention in Vancouver, I was interviewed by CPAC on the policy dealing with traditional marriage. This is an issue that many choose to remain silent on for fear of discrimination, and that is why Campaign Life’s presence in Halifax is that much more important. We WILL speak the truth, we WILL defend your beliefs and we WILL ask the hard questions and not back down.

WATCH my debate with an LGBTory representative here:


By donating to help us send as large a CLC team to Halifax as we can possibly can, you will help ensure that there are numerous pro-life voices ready and able to articulate the pro-life/pro-family message to the members of the media who are covering the convention but also to help empower like-minded delegates and other participants to speak out with confidence against those who are determined to silence us, and ultimately encourage them to vote for the right policies.

So far, we’ve have had a great response in terms of the number of pro-lifers that are coming, so I’m excited about what we will be able to achieve.

In order for us to take our team to Halifax, and to carry out our objectives at the conference, we need to reach our target of $15,000. We’re almost half way there!

Will you help us reach our goal? 

Please go to our crowdfunding page at and send us what you can!

On behalf of Campaign Life Coalition and our convention team, thank you in advance!


Jack Fonseca,
Senior Political Strategist

Campaign Life Coalition

P.S.  If you are planning to go to the Convention yourself as a CPC delegate for your riding, please send us your contact details by email (Name, Email, Cell Phone) so that we can get it in touch with you at the Convention, and keep you abreast of our strategies for success during that August weekend. 

In order to be effective in this final phase, we need to bring as large a team of Campaign Life Coalition staff and volunteers as possible, to execute an effective convention strategy. Can you help?