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Ford sex-ed a massive betrayal of parents; Opt-out a farce

Dear supporter,

As you may've heard, the Ford government has betrayed the parents and children of Ontario.

In the sensitive areas of sexuality that parents have been protesting for years, Ford’s new sex-ed curriculum is almost exactly the same as the perverse Wynne/Levin version.

The unscientific theories of gender identity and gender expression will still be taught to impressionable children, thus causing many to question whether they are a boy or a girl.

So too will masturbation and homosexuality still be promoted to young children.

On Wednesday, Ford’s Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, unveiled the new sex-ed curriculum to be implemented in 2019. Sadly, none of the most controversial elements were deleted by the PC government, although there were some cosmetic tweaks to the “suggested” grade level for introduction of each topic.

We describe the grade tweaks as “cosmetic” because they’re almost meaningless. As the Ford administration’s lawyers admitted in court earlier this year, teachers will be permitted to teach these ideas to any age/grade they wish, whenever they want.

Here's a chart showing the grade level at which the 2019 Ford curriculum introduces each subject, compared next to Kathleen Wynne's version.

 TOPIC  FORD – first introduced  WYNNE – first introduced
 Gender Identity Theory Grade 7 Grade 3
 Homosexuality Grade 3 Grade 3
 Masturbation as pleasurable Grade 6 Grade 6
 Anal intercourse Grade 7 Grade 7

 “Understanding of your own body, including what gives you pleasure”

Grade 7 Grade 7
 Keep a condom with you so you have it when you need it Grade 7 Grade 7
 Discussing genitalia (e.g., penis, testicles, vagina, vulva) Grade 1 Grade 1

Have no doubt doubt that far-left, activist teachers, for whom this ideology has become a quasi-religion, will take full advantage of this license-to-indoctrinate, as explained by Ford’s lawyers.

Ford lied to the voters who elected him

With this announcement, Doug Ford has completely ignored the will of the parents who elected him on the promise to repeal.  It ignores the feedback parents gave during the consultation process.

There has been no repeal of Wynne’s radical sex ed, whatsoever.

Minister Lecce justified retaining all of the most controversial and harmful elements of Wynne’s sex curriculum by claiming that during the consultation, that’s what the majority of parents demanded.

That's a lie.

The consultation was rigged to make it easy for teachers unions and left-wing activists to hijack the online portals. We believe that thousands of fake submissions were inputted by non-parents, and likely by non-Ontarians. 

Real parents also reported to us that they were screened out of telephone town halls when they told the call screener they planned to speak against Gender Identity Theory.

Two reasons why Ford’s exemption promise is a farce

It’s being presented in the the media that the Ford government has struck a “reasonable balance” because, allegedly, parents who want to exempt their kids from the scheduled sex ed lessons for their particular grade, will be able to do so by filling out a form.

#1. The first reason to put little faith in this promise relates to an open question that Minister Lecce has thus far not clarified:

Is the Ford government willing to enforce the exemption rule, if and when school boards refuse to allow exemptions for lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism?

For example, the HWDSB fought in court against Hamilton father Steve Tourloukis’ request to get advance notification on precisely those two topics. The HWDSB presented the following baffle-gab argument as a defense, and the judge agreed: 

Since gender identity and sexual orientation are “human rights issues”, a parent’s right to exempt their child from material that contradicts their religious beliefs – and even just to know what their kids will be taught in these areas - must be denied.

Sam Hammond, President of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, issued a warning yesterday about Ford’s exemption policy, which suggests that some school boards may indeed refuse to comply.

From the Ottawa Citizen, quoting Mr. Hammond:

“You do not get to opt out of human rights.”

#2. The second reason why Ford’s promise of exemption is a shell game, has to do with the fact that schools are pushing LGBT ideology in a hundred different ways, in different subjects, throughout the school year.

Even if the Ford government is willing to strictly enforce the notification and exemption right of parents from sex-ed classes, it’s almost meaningless anyway. 

Even if you pull your child out of all sex-ed classes, the leftist educators will still try to get your child in a different class or subject, outside of the “official” sex-ed lessons.  The school calendar is jam-packed with days devoted to brainwashing children with LGBT propaganda. (This is partly why math scores continue to fall.)

From Pink Days, to Anti-homophobia days, to official Anti-bullying days (which are a Trojan horse for promoting homosexuality), to the entire month of June when many schools now fly the gay pride flag and organize mandatory, school wide, flag raising ceremonies complete with LGBTTIQ2S+ guest speakers.

On top of that, we have History, English, Religion and even Math teachers embedding LGBT indoctrination exercises in their lessons. When caught, they justify it as their professional "obligation” to promote “inclusion and diversity”.

The only way that Doug Ford can fully protect families from the unscientific theory of gender identity is to prohibit its instruction in every school, every grade and every subject. That’s what parents demanded. It’s also a policy resolution that delegates of the PC Party passed at last year’s PC Policy Convention.

Take Action to protect Ontario children

Over the coming months, we must find ways to continue pushing back against the corrupt, publicly-funded school system, which is now little more than an indoctrination centre to brainwash children with liberal ideology.

Our good friend, Tanya Granic Allen from PAFE has requested that parents begin by protesting Doug Ford’s sex-ed betrayal at a free community event that has been organized by the PC Party, on Friday August 23rd in Mississauga.

From Tanya’s email to her supporters:

******** Please, if you can, attend this FREE event and, if Doug Ford dares to show up, let him know that he MUST KEEP HIS PROMISE and REPEAL the WYNNE SEX-ED!


To attend the event, you must register with the PC Party by clicking here.

When: Friday August 23, 7pm


The Trinity Hall-Canadian Coptic Centre
1245 Eglinton Ave W
Mississauga, ON L5V 2M4

Ford has lied to us. He needs to know he can’t get away with it. ********

We at Campaign Life Coalition concur. If you live in or near enough to Mississauga, please try to attend.  Give Doug heck!


The Campaign Life Coalition Team