Jean Charest Record 2022

Jean Charest has been red-lit by CLC. He is not supportable and should not be ranked at all on your ballot. Below are details of his public positions and policy actions, both politically and throughout his career as Liberal Premier of Quebec: 

  • Supports killing children in the womb. Describes himself as "pro-choice" and claims that abortion is an "inalienable right"    
  • Will NOT allow free votes on pro-life private members bills. MPs will be whipped to vote against them    
    (Charest stated: "My government would not bring in legislation, or support legislation, to change or restrain the rights of women". Saying his government will not "support" legislation is a way of saying he intends to whip the vote).
  • In 2010, as Quebec Premier, supported a Bloc motion which called on the federal government to affirm “the right of women to free choice and to free and accessible abortion services.”    
  • As Premier, refused to appeal a Quebec lower court ruling that ordered the province to pay women $13 million for the portion of abortion fees that were not covered by provincial health insurance for out-of-province abortions, and those committed at private facilities.  
  • In 2013, his Quebec government laid the foundation to legalize euthanasia across Canada. It set up a panel of three "experts" who advised the province to circumvent the federal Criminal Code prohibition against assisted suicide by pretending it is a matter of "health care", a sector over which provinces, not the feds, have jurisdiction. It led to national legalization in 2016.   
  • Is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ ideology, and opposes the true definition of marriage between one man & one woman 
  • ‚ÄčImposed a mandatory moral relativism course on all Quebec students from Grade 1 to end of high school, whether in public school, private or homeschooling, which promoted religious indifference (leading to practical atheism) and normalized homosexuality.    
  • In 2009, Charest promulgated a provincial policy against “homophobia” and “heterosexism”, the goal of which was to eradicate from Quebec society the Judeo-Christian understanding of human sexuality.  
  • From 2010-11, he banned the teaching of a belief, dogma or practice of a particular religion from all government-funded daycare, including those run in private homes. The directive outlawed prayers, religious-themed crafts and songs.    
  • His CPC Leadership platform contains an anti-democratic policy that would be manipulated to make it easier for the corrupt, red Tory swamp in the party establishment to purge the party of social conservative nomination candidates. 

From Charest's website, on changes he'd make to party rules:  "Require that Candidate Nomination Committees specifically consider a candidate’s potential to win an election while reviewing their candidacy."  

Without any hesitation, CLC can guarantee the Leader, and party bureaucrats, would abuse this policy to claim that pro-life, pro-family and strong religious beliefs make a candidate "less likely to win", and therefore, the individual must be disqualified under the terms of the policy. 

Do not rank Jean Charest on your ballot, at all.

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