Voters Guide 2022 Conservative Leadership Race



Vote for Leslyn Lewis as your #1 choice on the ballot. She's the only pro-life candidate in the race, and her unapologetic, pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom platform means she deserves to be the #1 choice of every social conservative voting member. Click the [View Record] button just below her photo to see her full rating.

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The remaining candidates are disqualified from consideration owing to their support for abortion, a disqualifying factor. Do not rank their names on the ballot, at all. They also advocate for radical LGBT ideology. 

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Pro-lifers should not give their votes to pro-abortion candidates. Each year, over 100,000 children are killed before birth, and none of these candidates wants to protect them. Ranking any of these as #2, #3, etc. on the ballot would send the message to all Canadian politicians that they can support the killing of babies in-utero, and still count on the votes of pro-lifers.

Furthermore, it would be strategically counterproductive to our cause in the long-term, over the coming years. By strategically withholding support from politicians who promote and affirm abortion, we will be cultivating more courageous leaders in the future.

They will understand that in order to harness the power of the pro-life/family movement, they need to offer us meaningful policies. Likewise, parties will understand that to get socially conservative Canadians excited, it is necessary to raise up Leaders who share our values.

Here's a sample ballot to indicate how social conservatives should fill it out:

When do we vote?

Eligible voting members should receive their ballot in the mail anytime between July 7 to August 5. You'll be able to fill out your ranked ballot and send it back to the party by Canada Post, in the Business Reply envelope that will be provided by the Party.  Completed ballots must be received by the CPC no later than 5:00pm ET on September 6, 2022.

Only those who were paid-up party members as of 11:59 pm ET on June 3, 2022 will be eligible to vote. NOTE: You do NOT need to rank all six candidates on the ballot; you can rank only Leslyn Lewis and no one else, and your ballot will stlll be valid. 

Unsure whether you're eligible to vote?

If you are unsure whether your CPC membership lapsed before the June 3 deadline to become a voting member, please call the Party headquarters at 1-866-808-8407 Monday - Friday, between 9:00 am to 5:00pm, and ask a party staff member to look your name up in their system. Alternately, email the party at [email protected] and [email protected] with your inquiry, and a staffer should eventually get back to you.